Co-creation and cooperation

persons I work with and that use Music from Source

Hyacintha Kraidy – Claritas Essentiae

Hyacintha Kraidy is a skilled clairvoyant healer, naturopath, and OMnium Healer. She is a scientist in the new paradigm of physical health.

Caroline Cory – OMnium Universe

Caroline Cory is the founder of the OMnium Method for connectiung to Source and universal consciousness expansion. She is a film maker, international teacher and healer.

Deb Kelly – Life Ingredients

Deb kelly is the founder and inspirator of Life Ingredients. A pedagogical aproach to consciousness, awareness and authentic self-expression for children and in educational settings.


Wendy von Oech – Come Home to Your Heart

Wendy von Oech is a Master Teacher in strengthening the inner connection to Universl Alignment, connecting to Universel Consciousness and Source and deep inner peace. 

Kaiyann Isa – Cosmique Focus Creations

Kaiyann Isa is a creative spirit working in uplifting human nature by meditation, art, healing and physical health improvement.

Wigard Tegel  – Pure Empowerment

Isabel Constantino – Voel je Kern, Vind je Kracht