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This practical course supports you in 7 episodes to purify your energy, keep your vibration high and expand your consciousness. Each episode has a theme that focuses on the direct experience of your own energy and consciousness. Practical daily use, step by step and with a tangible energetic result.

The topics in these 7 episodes are:

1.    Energetic hygiene with the Light Shower

2.    Cleaning your physical environment energetically and keeping it clean

3.    Your Sacred Space (3 episodes)

       a. Introduction: what is a Sacred Space?

       b. Experiencing and exploring your Sacred Space

       c. Cleaning your Sacred Space with the “revolving door method”

4.    Cleaning Your Sacred Space (2 episodes)

       a. Cleaning your Sacred Space with a Zero Point

       b. Removing attachments and energy from others

5.    Erasing old thoughts

6.    Silence your thoughts

7.    Aligning Your Mind Channels

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