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7 short themes with music

This is a free introductory course in 7 short parts supporting you in experiencing your awareness and energy using Music from Source and the OMnium Method. Every part takes up about 10 to 15 minutes and can be done as an excersice to start you day with a focus on an important aspect.

Short introduction and profound experience

Each part starts with a short video in which a theme is explained. This is followed by a guided visualization with music. The music plays an important role in this because it translates high energy through sound and thus supports your experience.
In this way, you can directly experience and discover how this aspect of your consciousness and spiritual awakening affects you.

The themes are:
1. What is consciousness
2. Connecting to the Source
3. Your Energy Field – Your Sacred Space
4. What is your Higher Self
5. Ask your Higher Consciousness and set your intend
6. Energetic Blocks and releasing them
7. The new earth and new cosmic energies

– Each episode consists of a short introduction of 4 to 7 minutes
– A guided visualization with music for a deep experience (also about 5 to 7 minutes)

These themes form a summary of some benificial energies translated in Music from Source and using the OMnium Method, an approach in consciousness expansion and connection to Source.