Angelic presence 3: The Flow of Divine Life Force



This music translate an angelic energy of joy, excitement, with sparkling frequencies that support you to open up to your Higher Consciousness. It is like a bubbling light energy filled with healing, cleansing and aligning. This energy flows through your body and cells and opens the tissues making space for the flow of life force, bringing pure light and gentle love for having your human experience in this physical body. You can invoke this angelic presence and ask support to elevate your heart and feelings, and open your physical body and energy for the flow of Source love and life force.

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  1. Invocation    4:26
  2. Golden Wings of Light       5:44
  3. Raising Your Vibration       4:24
  4. Guidance     4:10
  5. Divine Presence      3:34
  6. Healing Light and Comfort 7:32
  7. Slow Liquid Light Flow       5:40
  8. Angelic Messages and Codes        4:10
  9. Reprogramming Light and Codes Flowing Through Your Body   6:10
  10. Supporting Experiencing Who You Really Are    4:28


1 Invocation

Graceful, gentle and sparkling is the angelic presence. Feel her presence and ask and intend that her supporting presence opens your experience to your Higher Consciousness expanding gratitude and joy for having your human life.

2 Golden Wings of Light

Like pure shining wings of light flows this energy around and through you. Ask it to open, cleans, elevate, calibrate and take out old frequencies and by this making space for the influx of pure bright and new life force.

3 Raising Your Vibration

Ask the Archangel to support you in raising your vibration. Her pure waves of light and bright energies open up old layers and dissolve lower frequencies making place for new and higher frequencies.

4 Guidance

You are always supported by the angelic presence, you just have to ask for the support you want and open yourself to it. This music supports you to open for the guidance and inspiring angelic energy and her Divine angelic helpers.

5 Divine Presence

When you open you experience to your Higher Consciousness and Source you will feel elevated and held by a loving energy that let you feel the omnipresence of your Creator of which you are a unique expression. The energy in this music wraps like a blanket of light around you holding you in an energy of Divine Presence.

6 Healing Light and Comfort

Soft and gentle is the healing energy and support. This music brings a peaceful frequency for comfort and deep realigning. Ask the angelic presence to bring her healing frequencies that can be absorbed by your body and energy field.

7 Slow Liquid Light Flow

As liquid light vibrates this soft energy around you. Ask it to enter your body and physical experience, opening, cleansing, with purity, freedom and holding you in the vibration of Source.

8 Angelic Messages and Codes

Your energy and consciousness communicates energetically through vibration filled with codes and formulas. This music support you in aligning your body and energy field in such a way that the energetic alignment and communication can be optimal. Ask the angelic presence to support you in opening up your energy field and raising your vibration for perfect communication with your Higher Consciousness.

9 Reprogramming Light and Codes Flowing Through Your Body

Like a diamond light flow holding pure source light and energy support this music you in absorbing the pure Divine codes that help you in activating your Light Body and Divine DNA in your physical body.

10 Supporting Experiencing Who You Really Are

The experience of who you really are is a profound and almost sacred event awakening the Creator energy and presence in you. You are an expression of the Love and Life Force of creator being a unique expression of that energy in your human experience.


You can experience all the samples in this Youtube clips and listen to all Angelic presence albums in one playlist. Enjoy


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