Angelic Presence 4: Divine Heart Opening and Emotional Renewal



Loving and transformative energy supporting you in heart felt connectedness and Loving Divine Mother Presence.

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This soft and gentle music supports you in deep relaxing, releasing of old emotional blocks and programs. You can use it during meditation. Experience the energy translated in the sounds as living Source Consciousness and light. Ask it to flow gently through your body.

This music is also supportive during sleep (play it very soft – almost inaudible in your room and it still will bring it’s energy)



1 Heart Connection and Alignment   6:02    

2 Shower of Releasing and Loving Source Light     5:48                

3 Opening and Expanding your Heart Light 5:16                

4 Waves of Releasing Cosmic Sound and Light      5:38                

5 Integrating Love Energy     4:20                

6 Receiving Guidance through Codes and Voices of Light 3:20                

7 Protection and Clarity         3:50                

8 Light Waves of Source Love Moving Through your Body           4:18         

9 Sparkling with New Light    3:50



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