Angelic Presence CD


Angels are beings of pure consciousness from Source. They are supporting, guiding and healing, bringing energies and frequencies from the realms of light. They communicate energetically and telepathically, and you can experience their guidance in your heart and in your feelings. This music is made with the intention to translate the angelic presence, frequencies and energies from Source. These energies embrace you and raise your vibration, opening your awareness, sensitivity and consciousness. By playing this music you are upheld in pure and high cosmic energies that awaken the innate holographic structure of cosmic and universal resonance deep inside your cells, your body and energy.



To get the greatest benefit from this music, relax, inhale through the nose and out through your mouth and allow its multi-dimensional energy to support you in a completely new way each time you listen. Intend that Source energy flow through and around you, and ask for the angelic presence and the presence of pure Source energy for love, guidance, releasing, healing, awakening and connecting.

1 Love 5:43
2 Activating 4:30
3 Presence 4:13
4 Calibration 4:38
5 Message 4:17
6 Tenderness 5:22
7 Releasing 5:12
8 Connecting 3:06
9 Guidance 4:12
10 Renewal 3:42
11 Light 7:46
12 Entering 4:22
13 Receiving 4:24
14 Codes 4:46
15 Whispering 2:29
16 Tranquility 4:36
17 Vision 4:26


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