Cleansing, protecting and aligining your physical space – CD


This CD is especially created to support you in cleansing and aligning your physical space and for you to feel protected against any misaligned energy or outside influences.  Use this music with your intend and focus to be held in supportive Source energy in your physical location, that your vibration and human experience is elevated, and you are aligned and strongly connected with your Higher Consciousness and with Source.




  1. Source energy in your environment 6:10
  2. Waves of purifying light 4:50
  3. Cleansing electro magnetic distortion and realigning the electromagnetic balance in the environment 5:22
  4. Archangel protection 6:18
  5. Grid Alignment and Calibration 7:33
  6. Crystal energy from Source in your House 9:30
  7. Spirit Family and Guidance from Source – Holding your Space 5:25
  8. A space for Clarity, Focus and Creative Life Force 5:53
  9. Pure Bright Light 6:42
  10. A Space for Love, Truth, Beauty and Goodness 5:140
  11. Embraced by Source LOVE 7:34
  12. Peaceful safety and protection 5:31   

screen-shot-2017-01-09-at-13-31-451 Source Energy in your environment This energy softly grounds and aligns you, holding  you in a warm and all embracing blanket of Source Energy. This energy and presence supports your environment, to resonate with pure and clear Source frequencies filled with love. Ask and intend for your physical space to be filled with pure Source Energy. Ask for this Source presence to make every object deeply resonate with, and be filled with the highest aligned energies. This will allow you to experience and uphold your Source alignment easily and effortlessly.

2 Waves of purifying light This track brings a very intense and powerful cleansing energy. It supports you in purging all lower energies and frequencies out of your environment. Imagine this energy to be like strong crystalline winds that move waves of brilliant energy, gusting through your space, taking out all old and dark frequencies that block Higher Consciousness. Focus on these powerful gusts of crystalline winds, and intend for them to push out the stuck lower energies and blocks, so you can uphold your alignment with your Higher Consciousness and Source with ease and grace.

3 Cleansing electromagnetic distortion and realigning the electromagnetic balance in the environment Cleansing and purifying the electromagnetic energies in your physical environment is very important. Your body needs its proper  frequency and information transfer, so all distortion needs to be taken out and the optimal proper frequencies needs to be in place. Being in an environment that supports your electro-magnetic balance is of great importance. The energies and frequencies in this music, support you in opening and releasing misaligned electromagnetic formulas from your physical body and your environment. Imagine that the energy in the sounds is an ongoing shower of light. It dissolves and eliminates all disruptive and distorted particles and vibrations of electromagnetic devices, as well as the radiation in your surroundings and in your space. Ask and intend that distortions caused by disruptive frequencies through phones, computers, electricity and any other form, are neutralized and shielded away from you. Ask and Intend for your environment to be filled with perfect and proper frequencies, that will keep your body and human experience aligned, healthy, creative and connected to your Higher Consciousness.

4 Archangel protection This music brings a deep, profound and beautiful angelic cleansing and protecting presence. This energy is like a warm and constantly ongoing presence of light, letting you bathe in pure Source energy and consciousness. Its pure cleansing energy and Archangelic presence, supports you in releasing misaligned and lower energies from your body, energy fields and your environment. Ask and intend for this angelic presence to completely fill your space, your energy field and for it to flow through your body. Allow it to hold you, enveloping you in pure loving Source energy, supporting you in purifying and releasing lower energy, and deeply protecting you.             

5 Grid Alignment and Calibration The sound waves in this music are like a deep massage and stretching of your alignment, that awaken the aligned formulas of the energetic structures in your physical space. It is like pulling strings of pure light that hold all substance of the material objects in your physical space together, and by this strong pull there is a realignment to the New Earth Grid. At the same time, a deep releasing of old misaligned frequencies that held these lines stuck, takes place. Imagine that all objects in your physical space are being created with bright grids of light that are now pulled and stretched gently. In this way they become cleansed and realigned, making them silvery shining and pure light. Ask and intend that your physical environment, the room you are in, and all the objects that surround you, are cleansed and brought into a geometry and structure that is clean and pure and aligned with your Higher Consciousness. Ask all misaligned information in your space to be taken out and deleted. Ask to be embraced by perfect grids of light that uphold the highest alignment with the New Earth Grid and with Source.

6 Crystal energy from Source in your House This energy is pure, spacious, and crystal-like, supporting you with bright aligned purity. Its brilliant energy is strengthening the geometry of Universal Consciousness in your body, energy field and environment. Imagine diamond-like geometries of light, cleansing and aligning your environment. Feel how a very soft and bright snow-like blanket of Source Light, starts to slowly cover your environment and all objects. It penetrates every molecule and atom, strengthening its highest vibration and alignment with Source. Ask and intend for your physical space to become perfectly aligned with the New Earth Grid and your Higher Consciousness.

7 Spirit Family and Guidance from Source holding your space The energy in this music brings you the presence of loving Light Beings, your Spirit Family from Source. They hold a space for you, filled with Universal Consciousness, and open your sensitivity to their Source-Connection and guidance. Ask these Beings from Source to wrap you in their love, and fill your physical environment in such a way, that you can experience their supportive presence. Ask and intend for these beings to shield you from misaligned influences and uphold you in your sacred space and connection to Source.

8 A space for Clarity, Focus and Creative Life Force This energy is brightly opening, clearing, and spaciously holding you with pure clarity. It is supporting you with a mind-clearing and quieting atmosphere, enhancing clarity and focus. Imagine the sounds as silencing diamond waves. Pure cleansing light going through your head, your nervous system and your environment, opening it to Higher Consciousness. Ask and intend for your brain, nervous system and your physical space, to be purified and filled with an energy that is clean and quiet. Ask and intend for this energy from Source, to support you in experiencing focus and clarity of your mind. Allow it to aid you in creating pure focused thoughts, that are perfectly aligned with your Higher Consciousness and with Source.

 9 Pure Bright Light This music is a pure blanket of bright Source light. It fills your physical space like a Sun with its presence of blazing light. This energy resonates deeply within every atom and molecule. It supports you in the resetting of the frequencies in your surroundings to their optimal alignment, and supports the Source alignment from within, by taking out the misaligned frequencies. Its presence is wrapping and enveloping you completely, so that you are strongly supported in purging out lower frequencies and vibrations that are misaligned. Ask and intend to be held in this pure bright light,  as if you are in a bright nebula of brilliant Source energy. It is so clean and pure, that only the frequencies that are aligned with your Higher Consciousness will stay around and within you.

10 A Space for Love, Truth, Beauty and Goodness This energy expands peacefully, and brings a joyful and open presence to you. You can use this to fill your physical environment with the energy of the universal Principles of Love, Truth, Beauty and Goodness. It holds you in an energy that supports human relationships and connectedness. It wraps you in an energy that brings deep feelings of comfort and harmony. Ask and intend to feel the warmth of your Source connection right here and now. Ask to feel supported, to feel deep Self Love, and Connection to your Higher Consciousness.  Be embraced by your Higher Consciousness now. Ask and intend for yourself to be held in the Universal Principles of Love, Truth, Beauty and Goodness, so that you truly experience these qualities and express them in all your actions.

11 Embraced by Source LOVE This energy is warm, loving and grounding. It anchors you and your physical surroundings deeply into a blanket of loving Source Presence and energy. Imagine this warm energy, like deep colored lights moving softly, wrapping you in love and peace. Ask and intend for your physical space to resonate with this high alignment, and absorb these pure colors so it upholds you in this loving space.

12 Peaceful safety and protection This soft and gentle energy, supports you in quieting, relaxing and feeling peaceful in you space and physical environment. Imagine that this energy is like a warm sphere of soft light around you, holding you in a quiet space and gentle energy. Ask and intend to feel deep quieting and peace in your heart and body, and to be very safe and protected.




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