Cosmic communication


Messages from other dimensions, Planets, the Milky Way, the Pleiades, the Andromeda and all over the Universe reaching you more and more. They resonate deep into your heart, supporting you – if you choose so – to expand your awareness of your innate universal consciousness and Love.

This album is especially created to support you in a graceful and organic way, to strengthen your Galactic and Universal alignment and your awakening to your Higher Consciousness. This amplifies your memory that you are a unique expression of Creation, one with Source, and awakening to your Divinity while having a human experience.

This album is created for the crowdfunding program of OMnium Media, you can order it here



Each track brings a unique and specific set of Multi-Dimensional Energies and Universal Consciousness, that you can absorb through organic consciousness resonance. These tracks open you up to some aspects of the infinite dimensions that exist in creation, so you can feel the beauty and love of Universal Consciousness. By setting your intent to awaken to your Higher Universal Consciousness, this music and its energy will support you even more in your awakening. The sounds in the music are like consciousness prisms, translating multi dimensional universal energies and consciousness into your human time and space, so you can absorb and integrate it organically. This music is made in a meditative state, using the OMnium Method for Connecting to Source and Universal Consciousness Expansion. It is meditation, healing, teaching and consciousness expansion all at the same time.


1 Opening to Multi-Dimensional consciousness 6:20 The energy in this music cleanses your brain and nervous system, and supports you in opening your human awareness and mind to your Higher Consciousness. Through organic consciousness-resonance, this music strengthens your alignment with the Sun, the Milky way and with Universal Consciousness in a graceful and gently way.

2 Pure Light flowing through your body  5:05 This music supports the cleansing and alignment of your body. Intend to feel the bright purity of this opening, deep into your body, anchoring Love and universal alignment deep into every cell.

3 Connecting to Source 11:20 Source is the Heart and the Creator of all that is in our Universe. You also originate from Source, and the innate memory of Source, of your Divine Home, resides in every cell of your body. This music supports a pure, strong and direct connection to Source, and helps you to start to resonate with this pure and high Divine Energy and Consciousness.

4 Light Codes from the Pleiades and Beyond awakening you from within 6:03 Many beings on the earth have a connection to the star system of Pleiades in a unique way. This music supports you lovingly in bringing your human experience into this galactic alignment. The inner awakening of love and clarity, opens your human life and consciousness to your Universal Essence.

5 Andromedan Message of Universal LOVE  6:08 Warm and soft like a graceful whisper, is the awakening of Universal Love inside your human awareness, body and even in every cell. This music brings unique frequencies and messages of the Universal Love principles to the Earth from various Galaxies, like the Andromeda. This energy gradually opens you up to the experience of the infinite freedom and unbounded creative potential of the Love Principles, residing deep within every aspect of your Being.

6 Connecting to Galactic Light Beings 6:54 Galactic Light Beings are loving beings of pure light and consciousness with graceful flowing energies. They connect, facilitate, communicate and move, like dancing, with ease and grace. Through this music and energy they are to your aid, by helping you to raise your vibration, and opening your awareness to your Higher Consciousness, so that you feel connected to the Galaxy and to the Universal Source.

7 The presence of the Melchizedeck University 4:30 Bright, radiant and vibrant is the Pure Consciousness and energy of the University of the Melchizedek Teachers. They originate form a planet made of pure diamond light and geometry. These Majestic beings are the Master Teachers of the universe, supporting the expansion of consciousness from within in infinite ways through their presence. This music surrounds you with their presence. Ask and intend to connect deeply to this consciousness, being held in a pure sphere of universal knowing and awakening. Ask and intend to awaken the knowledge of your True Divine Being, deep in your human experience, and into every cell of your body.

8 The Divine Son – Galactic Prince 5:00 In this energy you are brought into the Majestic presence and consciousness of the Divine Son, the Galactic Prince, who holds the evolution of the whole Milky Way in his focus and Being. Intend to feel how His Love embraces all star systems, all planets and all life forms in the Milky Way. He is the ambassador of the energy of Source, of Creator, embracing all that is with the Love of infinite creation, expansion and abundance. He allows all to experience and express the Love of Creator in free will.

9 The Counsel of Galactic and Universal Affairs 6:36 This energy and consciousness opens your awareness, as you enter a multi-dimensional space, an huge energetic crystal dome, made of pure light. In this dome the consciousness of the Divine Creator and the council of Universal and Galactic affairs are present. The whole atmosphere of the gathering emanates “Divine Order”, “the Universal Laws” and “the Principles of Creation” based on unconditional Love. Imagine how the main representatives of the galaxies in our universe, are bringing forward and sharing their plans, all co-creating the expansion of creation based on the Universal Order and Love.

10 The Cosmic Web – Multi-Galactic Structures in the Universe 7:15 Imagine clusters and massive fields of thousands and thousands of Galaxies, forming huge webs and grids, like feathers of Light in the fabric of the universe. Intend to experience this fabric of Universal Creation, deep in every part of your consciousness and into your physical cells. Ask and intend to activate your alignment with this Cosmic Web through this music.