Cosmic Journey 3 – The Solar System


This is the music that is used in the meditation series, the Cosmic Journey – part 3 The Solar System. This is the music only version in mp3 downloads so you can use it for your own meditations and enjoy the energy. After purchase you can download the music in a zipfile format and play it on any mp3 player.


This is the music that is used in the meditation series, the Cosmic Journey – part 3 the Solar System. This is the music only version in mp3 downloads so you can use it for your own meditations and enjoy the energy.

The solar system with all the planets in it, forms a beautiful field in which the earth lives. There is a dynamic balance between all parts both physically and also energetically and in terms of consciousness. Each planet has its own characteristics, development field and consciousness. In this music, you can experience each planet its energy and consciousness. You can also see if there are certain beings who want to show themselves to you and with whom you can communicate. Because each planet has its own grid system which is different from that of Earth, the life and consciousness forms are also corresponding and therefore different from Earth. Let yourself be surprised with what presents itself. In the extended meditative journey you can visit all the planets. Since this is quite a lot and perhaps intensive, this meditative journey is also available in two shorter parts. You will find those below.

The solar system as a whole is also a very important field for us as inhabitants of the earth. It is a living system that exchanges energy and information among itself, and all the parts adapt to each other in a kind of cosmic dance.


  1. The Moon     6:42   
  2. Mars   3:33   
  3. Venus            5:36   
  4. Jupiter           4:06   
  5. Mercurius     4:40   
  6. Neptunus      6:20   
  7. Saturnus       5:00   
  8. Uranus          6:17               
  9. Pluto  5:14   
  10. New Planet  5:34   

We will now travel through our solar system and visit different planets.  The intention here is to experience the influx of new energy and transformation now flowing from Source into our solar system through this network.

The intention is that you have new experiences. Supported by specially chosen music in which the energy is translated from the different dimensions. So forget everything you know about what is said from astrology and astronomy about different planets. Be open and focus on experiencing the influx of the New Divine Source energy of the Divine Plan on the planets we visit.

Each planet has a unique energy and in its way forms a unique physical evolutionary field. From our earthly perspective, we expect life forms as we know them. However, that is impossible because each planet has a completely unique grid and consciousness. And so the material dimensions cannot be experienced with our earthly senses. Therefore, we visit the planets in our consciousness and energy. Each planet is the body of a great cosmic being. The evolution of the planet and the development of material life is in harmony with that consciousness and being. Each planet is a unique material evolutionary field in which through a particular physical incarnation beings gain experiences, embody and express themselves in those dimensions and develop their consciousness.

The network of new energy and new consciousness that is unfolding in our solar system is important also for our life as humans on earth

Ask on this journey to experience how you resonate in a kind of holographic way with all parts of the solar system. How, for example, certain organs in your body are linked to certain planets and parts of our solar system. Or how you may be in contact energetically and in consciousness with another planet or beings thereof. Or even that you may have parallel lives on another planet. There are so many interconnections between the living systems in our solar system. You can really begin to experience it as parts of a body, communicating with each other and directly supporting each other in many ways. We set our intention in this journey to be perfectly protected and the experiences we have are in harmony with our highest good and the intentions of our human life here on earth.



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