Cosmic Journey 4 – The Milky Way Galaxy


This is the music that is used in the meditation series, the Cosmic Journey – part 4 the Milky Way Galaxy. This is the music only version in mp3 downloads so you can use it for your own meditations and enjoy the energy. After purchase you can download the music in a zipfile format and play it on any mp3 player.


This is the music that is used in the meditation series, the Cosmic Journey – part 4 the Milky Way. This is the music only version in mp3 downloads so you can use it for your own meditations and enjoy the energy.

Our journey continues through the Milky Way Galaxy. This is the larger field of consciousness of which our solar system is a tiny particle. In this episode, you will visit different Galactic locations such as stars and nebulae as well as the center of the Milky Way. You can experience how each part is connected to the bigger picture. You can also meet beings and receive information at different locations. Take time to experience your unique connection to the Milky Way and certain locations within it.


  1. Traveling through the Galactic Grid       6:11   
  2. Starclusters and Galactic sectors           3:19   
  3. The Pleiades           4:34   
  4. Arcturis          5:32   
  5. Centaurus    3:21   
  6. Orion – Bellatrix       6:24   
  7. Polaris –        6:22   
  8. Sirius 6:39   
  9. The Galactic Core  5:12   
  10. Experiencing the Whole Galaxy from the Core           5:56   
  11. Connecting with the Earth from the Galactic Core     3:57   

Our solar system is part of a much larger system with billions of stars and solar systems and countless planets. Because our solar system is on the outer edge of this, we can only observe a small part of it. So the stars we see are only a fraction of what there are stars and systems in the galaxy.

This set of parts of the galaxy is like a living tissue through which each part communicates with each other and with the whole. This fabric vibrates with life force and information and moves as in a kind of cosmic dance.

Also, there are many different kinds of beings incarnated on Earth at this time who have their original home on another planet or star in the Milky Way. This may sound a little strange, but because our consciousness is originally multidimensional and created from Source, it is possible for many types of beings to have experiences in many different locations. They do this by translating their energy and consciousness into the form appropriate to that planet. For example, beings from other planets, stars and parts of the Milky Way can use human DNA to experience themselves as human beings here.

Beings from other planets are usually material beings or beings who develop their consciousness through physical evolution. Those who come from locations in the Milky Way and have now incarnated on earth as humans have chosen this particular time on earth to experience and also support the great transformation now underway.

There are also beings like the Starseeds and the Starbeings who are not from a physical planet but rather from some kind of star or gas nebula. They then have their original home there and have a form appropriate to that dimension and location. Also, these beings who have now incarnated as humans are still in direct connection with their original location. They receive certain information and send information back telepathically. Connecting in this way actively, contributes to the reconnection of Earth and the solar system to the larger fabric of the Milky Way.

For at this time in the evolution of Earth and humanity, this galactic and universal reconnection is very important. Your awareness of this plays a key role in this.

Thereby it is also very possible that you have parallel aspects that are having their experiences somewhere else in the Galaxy. After all, you are multidimensional as a being. And although you have a human experience now, that does not take away from the fact that your consciousness can express itself in many other places in forms that fit there. So it may just be that in various locations in the Galaxy there are aspects of consciousness of yours living in one form or another.

This can also apply to people in your environment that you live with or that are important in your life. Between them you exchange, without often noticing, many different types of energy. Also energy and consciousness of a galactic nature.

Earth is a living integrated and intelligent consciousness. The consciousness network around the earth, the earth grid is like a kind of neural network or brain of the earth.

This provides on the earth all communication, time and space experiences and allows beings to travel energetically to and from the earth. Through the earth grid, the planet is connected to the solar system and the Milky Way.

So just as the earth has a grid system so does the Milky Way as a whole. the earth is thus in direct connection with all kinds of locations in the galaxy. Locations like Sirius B, the Pleiades, , Arcturus, Polaris, Bellatrix, Centaurus and the center of the Milky Way and many more.

These connections are very important. They are like the connections of cells, tissues and organs in a body. Through them flows information, life force and nourishment. It connects and keeps the system alive and adapted to the greater whole. Just like in a physical body. So, the earth is in constant communication and connection through these complex grid systems with the greater whole.

For you as a human being in developing your consciousness, it is important to also become aware of this. Not only for yourself but also because you are part of the consciousness of the earth and humanity, you share the unfolding of consciousness and awakening with everything and everyone. You could say that through your development and growth in consciousness the earth and humanity grows with you. And you in turn are growing with the whole of the earth and humanity. Making the connection with the Milky Way is therefore important. Because planet earth and every human being is connected to Galactic energy in their consciousness.

By consciously attuning to the Milky Way and parts of it and starting to experience different dimensions, these energetic connections and types of information you thus receive, become active in you and in the earth. Thus, dormant potentials of galactic consciousness in you, in the earth, and in humanity as a whole, can gradually and naturally awaken. Indeed, this is how evolution works by a living exchange of consciousness, energy and information from one system to another and throughout. Everything learns and lives with each other and grows through co-creation.


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