Cosmic Journey 5 – Source and the Universe


This is the music that is used in the meditation series, the Cosmic Journey – part 5 Source and the Universe. This is the music-only version in mp3 downloads so you can use it for your own meditations and enjoy the energy. After purchase you can download the music in a zipfile format and play it on any mp3 player.


This is the music that is used in the meditation series, the Cosmic Journey – part 5 Source and the Universe. This is the music only version in mp3 downloads so you can use it for your own meditations and enjoy the energy.


  1. The Cosmic Web – Multi-Galactic Structures in the Universe          7:15
  2. The Divine Father   8:43   
  3. The Divine Mother  11:18
  4. The Divine Son       5:22   
  5. Experience the whole Universe  4:17   
  6. The Eternal Flow from Source     10:48
  7. The Love of Creator for the Earth and Humanity        5:42   

Earth is like a cell in the larger fabric of the Milky Way. And the Milky Way, in turn, is a very small particle of a much larger system. The network of thousands and hundreds of thousands of Galaxies. These move and interact as in a cosmic dance. As living tissues in an even larger system, the entire universe. And this whole is like a cosmic body. An expression of the consciousness, life and creative intelligence of Source.

And our universe is not a rounded sphere. No, it is more like an ever-growing consciousness that extends in terms of energy and consciousness. It is more like a flower petal whose outer edge extends further and further. In this process, it breathes in and out without shrinking so to speak. Consciousness grows infinitely and yet there is a pulse and breathing in the gigantic fabric of the cosmos.

This is the breathing of the Divine Mother that holds everything together and connects it.

In this episode, we travel to the Source. We go again from Earth and now through the Multi galactic networks until we arrive at the Source in the heart of our universe. Here we come to a platform of enormous size, radiant with light. It is the most beautiful location imaginable. So different from earth but completely filled with love, beauty, goodness and truth.

On this platform, we ask for some special experiences and encounters.

First, we ask to experience and meet The Being of the Creator of the entire universe, the Divine Father. We call this being the Divine Father because of the fact that its energy is focused is powerful. You could call it masculine in a sense. But there is no such thing as masculine and feminine at Source. It’s more of a way of designating it for us. The Divine Father created you out of His consciousness. You are, so to speak, a particle of His consciousness and intelligence.

So it is also natural that you can communicate with your Divine Father – your Creator – as you can with any other being. However, His consciousness is magnificent and encompasses everything. His form is infinite, His wisdom and love are infinite. To connect with this being is to experience deeply who you really are. For you are a particle of this being. This love, this wisdom and this Being.

Ask to deeply absorb and remember this experience, so that the energy of this can unfold more and more in your daily life.

Then ask to experience the Divine Mother. She is the Spirit, the soul of all that is. We call her Mother because her energy is wave-like and sustaining. She carries creation and gives it properties. You could say that Divine Mother gives expression to the characteristics of creation. The main characteristics of this are Love, Goodness, Beauty and Truth.

Your soul, your unique characteristics as a being, you received from Her. She has expressed a particle of Her essence in you. So, your soul characteristics are an expression of her Cosmic Soul. Ask to breathe in her breath and radiate with her qualities.

Then meet the Divine Son, this is the being that provides the form in everything. This being is actually a son and daughter at the same time, for there is no gender at all. The Divine Son is the power of form, the physical expression and builder of the manifested universe. He sparkles with life energy and vitality. Radiates with the most powerful geometry, light energy and formulas that permeate everything.

Ask to absorb his presence deeply within you and fill your human body with his vitality and shaping power.

Then from the source you experience the entire universe and see from the platform the Milky Way and the earth. You can then feel how lovingly the Divine Creator – the Divine Mother and Son – carry the earth in their consciousness. You experience the love for humanity, the earth and the entire universe.



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