Cosmic Journey 6 – The Multiverse and Central Universe


This is the music that is used in the meditation series, the Cosmic Journey – part 6 the Multiverse and central Universe. This is the music only version in mp3 downloads so you can use it for your own meditations and enjoy the energy. After purchase you can download the music in a zipfile format and play it on any mp3 player.


This is the music that is used in the meditation series, the Cosmic Journey – part 6 the Seventh Multiverse and central Universe. This is the music only version in mp3 downloads so you can use it for your own meditations and enjoy the energy.


  1. Multi Universal Grid           6:06   
  2. Seventh Universe – Master Teachers    5:22   
  3. Fourth Universe – Angels and material beings           5:13                5
  4. Sixteenth Universe – Energy – Information – Power Controllers and translators  4:24
  5. Experiencing Central Universe   4:16   
  6. From Central Universe experiencing the Earth and Humanity       4:45   

The Multiverse is a vast field of consciousness and energy in which hundreds of thousands of universes exist. They are like a huge cosmic organism in the body of creation. Our universe is a tiny speck in this gigantic multiverse. We travel through the source in our universe to the grid system of the Multiverse and then visit 3 different universes. There we can experience the energy, the beings there and our relationship to those universes. Then we go to the central Universe. That it is the universe at the heart of the Multiverse. This Universe is very important to us. It is where the Divine plan for Earth and our sector is coordinated. From the platform in the central universe, we experience the entire Multiverse. We zoom in on our universe which includes the Milky Way, the solar system and Earth. We can experience how from the central universe the earth is supported and loved. We take these experiences and energy back into our human lives.

Our Universe is part of a much, much larger cosmic body. It is one of more than 100,000 universes that make up a massive whole. Such a huge entity of 100,000 and more universes can be called a Multiverse or Great Universe.

There are 7 different mulitversa. Each of these has hundreds of thousands of universes. Each of these Multiuversa is completely unique, has its own kind of makeup and function.

The multiverse in which our Universe exists is the youngest of the 7. The other 6 came into existence earlier and thus in a sense are older. In our 7th Multiverse there are 100,000 and more universes, and each is completely different. After all, in creation, each consciousness in itself is a new creation and a unique expression. Even though there is coherence in form and function, the consciousness and the energy, the parts it is composed of and the location etc…. are all different and therefore unique.

So are water drops, leaves on a tree, grains of sand on our earth. If you look carefully around you and use your perception and sensitivity well, you will notice that everything is unique in some sense. Even each of a million flowers that at first glance all seem the same, each is slightly different if only because they have bloomed in a different place.

So, the large Universe of which our universe is a part has the energy and conditions within which those 100,000 other universes exist. So, you can rightly call it an organ or part of a huge cosmic body formed by the 7 Multiversa and the Creator Source. And every particle of that body is intelligent, is created with consciousness and carries the intent of the Creator of that particle. In our universe, everything is created by the Divine Father, the Divine Mother and the Divine Son. They are the Source and the creative Parent of our universe.

In a sense, this is also the case with every other universe. Each has its own unique Source and its own unique creator. And all these Sources are directly connected to each other.

All these Divine Fathers are in a sense an expression of one and the same consciousness and being, the Creator Source and the Universal Father.

We are introduced to the Creator Source and the Universal Father in another episode, which we then experience together with the Universal Mother and the Universal Son on the Creator Source. These three beings and their energy permeate all that is.

The extraordinary thing is that in each aspect of creation there is an entirely unique expression of these three beings. It is precisely this unique distribution of energy and consciousness that makes each expression have an entirely unique character, consciousness and function. So also, is true of each Source of each universe. Although aspects of the Creator Source are represented therein, the proportions are different for each Source. And so, each universe is therefore different and unique. Together, all these unique differences complement each other and form a living whole.

Our focus as human beings, of course, is primarily on connecting with our Universal Essence that originated from the Divine Father of our local Universe. Even though you may be a being who comes from another universe, which is possible in a rare case, you always come into our Universe through the Divine Father of our local Universe and our local Source.

In order to express yourself in the consciousness of our universe, so to speak, you translate your energy and consciousness and your DNA into our local Universe.

In this episode, we are going on a journey into the Multiverse, the 7th Great Universe. You could use lives and lifetimes here to explore it. We won’t do that right now. What we will do is get a sense of its size by visiting some locations.

We will go to a universe that is very important to the energy throughout the Multiverse.

We will briefly experience a universe where Master teachers come from, who work throughout the Multiverse and travel from universe to universe to support the the expansion of consciousness therein.

We will go to a third Universe and be surprised.

Then we travel to the central universe of this 7th Multiverse

The central universe could be called the headquarters for the entire Multiverse.

This is where all decisions take place about everything concerning the Multiverse. Such as the expansion of universes, changes in a universe that matter and developments that effect the whole. After all, everything is related to everything else. You could call the central Universe in a sense the brain and heart of the Multiverse. Just as the source of our local Universe is the brain and heart of our local Universe.

The central Universe is also important to us on earth at this time. For on Earth the Divine plan is in operation, the great restoration operation that ensures that Earth and its evolution are once again in perfect harmony with the greater whole of the Milky Way, our local universe and thus also with the Greater Universe.

From the Central universe, we experience the whole and from the platform there we see our local universe. At the very outer edge and from that again at the very outer edge is our Milky Way with the earth again in a remote corner. So in a sense our earth and humanity are very far away from the central Universe. And yet it is important that the earth can optimally receive all the information from the central Universe and in turn communicate back.

Why is this important for you personally now?

Because you are part of this vast body of consciousness, it is good to realize that everything you are and do is connected to this greater whole. In a sense you could say that your consciousness DNA contains in a holographic and fractal way the codes of our Local Universe and also of the Multiverse.

Your human existence, however small it may seem in this gigantic big picture, is indispensable.

Just as the trillions of microorganisms living in your body without you even realizing it are essential to your health. You only start to notice when they are no longer there or when they become damaged. Then you notice that your body is less vital and self-healing.

That is what happened to the earth. Therefore, from the Central Universe, at the request of the Divine Father of our Universe, a Divine recovery plan was created – The Divine Plan. So, with that, the Central Universe is also extra important to you. And so, in this meditative journey with music, you make a deep consciousness connection with the 7th Multiverse and the Central Universe.




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