Cosmic Journey 7 – Creator Source and the Seven Multiverses


This is the music that is used in the meditation series, the Cosmic Journey – part 7 Creator Source and the Seven Multiverses. This is the music only version in mp3 downloads so you can use it for your own meditations and enjoy the energy. After purchase you can download the music in a zipfile format and play it on any mp3 player.


This is the music that is used in the meditation series, the Cosmic Journey – part 7 Creator Source and the Seven Multiverse. This is the music only version in mp3 downloads so you can use it for your own meditations and enjoy the energy.


  1. Travelling to Central Universe     4:54               
  2. Seeing Creator Source from Central Universe           6:29   
  3. Universal Father     8:42   
  4. Universal Mother    11:12
  5. Universal Son         6:54   
  6. Seeing the seven Multiverses       5:51   
  7. De Love of Creator for the earth and Humanity          4:38

In this episode, we travel from Earth through our Source to the central Universe. From there we look first to the Creator Source and experience the all-encompassing energy. The heart of all that is. Then we travel to a Platform, on the Creator Source and ask there to experience the presence of the Universal Father, the Universal Mother and the Universal Son. Each has a unique energy and presence that we can resonate deep within us. We are created with a spark of this creator love and consciousness. Then we ask to experience the 7 Multiversa in the presence of the Universal Creator. We see from the heart of creation the seven vast fields of creation each with hundreds of thousands of universes.

We then ask you to experience the seventh Multiverse containing our universe, the Milky Way, our solar system and the earth. You experience the love and connection of the Universal Creator and the Creator source for the earth, humanity and for you. We ask to integrate this energy deeply within us and then travel back to earth and through our hearts come well-grounded in our bodies.

We are on a journey from Earth to the Milky Way, from the Milky Way to Source and through Source to the Multiverse. We have experienced how we as Earth are a small particle of a huge whole, which in turn is also part of an even much larger Body.

A body made up of 7 Multiverses that together are an expression of an enormous great consciousness. You could call the Center of all that is, the Creator Source – the brain and heart of the cosmic body.

We call this the Creator Source because it is the origin of everything.

We take a journey from our perspective from the earth dimension deeper and deeper into creation and into higher and higher frequencies and dimensions. But actually, creation originated in reverse order. Namely from the heart and brain of everything. Through the intent of the being that is the essence of it. Universal Father

The Universal Father is the original energy ad Consciousness that expresses itself in everything

Where the Creator Source and the Universal Father come from, becomes a part in another journey of consciousness. What we can say about this now is that the Creator Source is the heart of everything and originated from infinity.

Infinity is hard to imagine, but it is much more than something that has no beginning or end. In fact, it is also not something, it is everything and also not everything, it is infinite, pure, undefined, boundless, a causeless cause. You cannot name it because there are no brains and no words that can grasp it. Mathematicians, scientists and philosophers pour eagerly and creatively into all kinds of representations of infinity.

The creator source is pure self-awareness of infinity. This self-consciousness creates by being out of and through itself, by intent. And because the essence of the Creator Source is infinity, everything that is created and thus arises from the intent and energy of the Creator Source is an expression that carries infinity.

Therefore, consciousness is infinite, consciousness growth is infinite, and life seen from energy and consciousness is also infinite. The creator source splits off parts of its consciousness and energy and gives them self-awareness. Actually, just as from infinity the Universal Father became self-aware. This mysterious process repeats itself on every plane. Actually, this also works through in the way your Divine Essence splits off parts of itself and sends it on its journey in all kinds of experiences such as the incarnation of you now on earth in this life.

In a sense, your human consciousness is a small piece that is transmitted or split off from your Divine Essence. It is always connected to that and for the duration of your incarnation has been given a kind of self-awareness of its own. With its own choices and its own free will. That is your Universal Self.

So, in this you repeat in a certain sense how the Creator creates source.

The Universal Father splits parts of his being, those parts always remain attached to him and yet these parts are given their own self-consciousness and characteristics. Each is unique and therefore there is diversity and dynamism. And free will is the engine of creation in this. For each intelligent being creates from his uniqueness the expression of his being and his development of consciousness. And because each being is slightly different, this creates a living growth and evolution. An infinite expansion of consciousness that is truly infinite.

So, we travel now to the creator source and experience the energy and consciousness there. We can also ask, to experience how from the creator source the 7 Multiversa are.

Realize that this is a very special journey of consciousness, with energy that is so different from what we are used to as human beings on Earth.

So again, it is very important to be well in your Sphere of Light with the energy of your Higher Self and source. And to ask that everything you experience fits perfectly with your development and your Highest Good.

On our journey, we proceed as follows.

We first go again in our sphere of light from Earth to the source in our local universe then we go from there to the central Universe

We then take a moment to look from there to the Creator source and feel how it is seen from the Central Universe.

The Creator of the Central Universe is a particle of the Universal Father.

The source of the Central Universe and the sources of all universes that exist everywhere are all expressions of the Creator source each in its own way with its own energy, its own characteristics and its own intentions. And everything works together perfectly like cells in a body. Each with its own place and functions in the greater whole. Just like the organs and cells and tissues in a human body.

From the platform in the central Universe we ask to go to a platform important to us in the Creator Source

There we ask to experience the consciousness of the Universal Father

the Universal Father is the self-awareness of infinity as I said. He is self-created from a causeless contraction of infinity in a kind of first zero point. Zero Universal you could call it, we are going to experience this further in another journey as well. This

Infinite self-awareness is pure joy. The Joy to be, the Love to exist, the fulfilment of Being in itself. And this joy, this love and this fulfilment is the impetus and the engine of creation. Infinite sharing infinite experiencing, infinite being on infinite expressions and creations with infinite Love

This expresses itself in the pure Universal Mind energy, which is the energy of the Universal father. Mind energy is pure focus, is the expression of infinity. Is focused, powerful and creates everything. Our human thoughts and human consciousness are a miniscule particle of this Cosmic Mind energy and the consciousness of your Divine father who in turn is a unique expression of the Universal Father.

Next to the Universal Father is the Universal Mother, this is the designation for Spirit energy, an energy and consciousness in the form of a real being that carries everything, that holds everything together. the Universal Mother is the Universal Soul – which we also thus call Spirit.

We ask to experience the Universal Mother. This is an energy that in our universe we also know in a sense as the Divine Mother. This energy at the creator source permeates everything that exists. The Universal Mother is present in everything and, in her love and bearing energy, conforms to the intent of that which was created and gives it a soul and characteristics. The Universal Mother could be thought of as the character of the Universal Father and the Creator Source. The character of the Creator Source has 7 characteristics.

We will cover these in another journey but I briefly mention them here. The characteristics or principles of the Universal Father are Omnipotence, Omnipresence and Omniscience. The characteristics of the Universal Mother are Goodness, Truth and Beauty and the characteristics they both share are Love.

The Universal Mother is infinite love and her energy is sustaining. The energy of the Universal Father inspires and gives you direction. The Universal Mother carries and holds you, gives you strength to be who or what you are.

Then we meet and third being at the creator source the Universal Son. This is the being that represents the energy of form power. His being is the body of creation, is form, the geometry, the structure in which Mind and Spirit can express themselves.

The Universal Father creates consciousness and focuses its creative intent and intelligence. The Universal Son adds His geometry and structure and force of form to this and in this follows perfectly the intent and focus of the created consciousness. The Universal Mother gives it a soul and holds it together, she is in a sense a kind of glue that holds everything together and connects it inseparably.

Then we ask to be able to experience from the creator source the seven Multiversa. Like standing on a huge platform and overlooking all of creation. As I experience it myself, symbolically for me it looks like a huge flower.

In the heart is the nourishing source of creation whose energy is infinite. Infinite love, infinite consciousness, infinite connection, infinite life force etc.. because the center of the creator source is infinity.

From the heart of the creator source, the 7 Great Universes the 7 Multiverses, each with their central universe came into existence. Each Multiverse is totally different.

In fact, each split-off part of the original consciousness is different, so too are the Multiversas. There is no repetition as we told before.

Then we ask to see in the 7th Multiverse our local universe and in it very small our Milky Way containing our earth and feeling yourself as a human being on earth. So to experience now from the creator source.

Know that no matter how far away this consciousness is seen from our point of view you are always connected to and within this whole.

The earth and everything on it is an indispensable cell in the great Cosmic Body. The heart of the Cosmic Body, the creator source knows, feels, knows and fills everything with love, with infinite life force and with the infinite connection, in a sense of joyful Being.

We are keeping this journey so that it is doable. In other consciousness journeys, we will take a long time to experience the beings and the parts. This journey now is primarily for the purpose of experiencing the great body of creation from the earthly perspective and conversely to get an initial sense of the connection we as earth and humanity have to the greater whole.

Ask to be safe and protected in everything you experience on this journey and to experience only that which serves your Highest Good a contributes to a balanced consciousness development of you here as a human being on earth and your role in the Divine plan. The birth of a new earth and new humanity.



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