Cosmic Journey – Cosmic Activations and meditative journeys in 7 parts


This is is a unique 7-part online course with deep meditations where you align your body and consciousness with the cosmos: the New Earth, the sun, the solar system, the Universe and Source, the Multiverse and the Creator Source.
Each episode consists of an introduction, a long guided meditation with music and the music alone.



Your body is energetically connected to the earth the solar system, the Milky Way, the universe and beyond. In this 7-part series of cosmic activities and meditations, you can uniquely experience and strengthen these connections deep into every cell of your body. You will travel and experience:

  1. the new earth,
  2. the sun,
  3. the planets in the solar system,
  4. some of the stars and locations in the Milky Way,
  5. Source and our universe.
  6. Then you continue into the larger body of the cosmos, the Multiverse of which our universe is a part.
  7. Our journey ends at Creator Source.

The purpose of these meditative journeys is to experience within yourself how you are inextricably connected to the larger body and consciousness of all creation. It also allows you to experience inwardly how the consciousness of creation expresses itself in all kinds of magnificent dimensions. In each dimension live countless beings, each fulfilling a unique place in creation. You can have unique experiences in the meditations and activations, experience your connections and communicate with beings and the cosmic intelligences. During these journeys, you can open to your higher consciousness have unique experiences and be surprised.

Each episode starts with a short introduction and explanation in a video. This is followed by a guided meditation with lots of supportive music. This music is very specially made to experience the energy of each part very powerfully and lovingly. Through the energy translated into the sounds you can strengthen and further awaken the energy within yourself through natural consciousness resonance. Some meditations are very extensive, therefore two shorter versions have been made that you can do separately later.
Also, some parts of the music can be listened to separately, so you can do your own alignment and meditation. You can also just turn on the music as background. In this way the energy and consciousness of that aspect of the cosmos is very lovingly with you and fills your space.

It is wise to first do the series in the order of 1 through 7 so that your alignment with the energy is building, because each part takes you into much higher frequencies and more complex multidimensionality. Then you can repeat parts interchangeably.
This Cosmic Journey is the first part of a series titled “The Divine Plan” throughout. The Cosmic Journey is based on the first outline from this book it also partly follows the book by Caroline Cory – The Divine Plan. You can do the online series at your own pace and repeat as often as you like.


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