Crystee Daveen – The purifying room – Music only


This album is a music only version of the book “The Purifying Room” by Kaiyann Isa with Music From Source composed by Frits Evelein. The music takes you on your very own journey into The Purifying Room and can be used during reading of the book to enhance experiences or as music for listening or meditation.  Its energetic high vibrational qualities will support you gracefully.




1 Crystee and Zareena

2 Communicating by heart

3 A letter to Zareena

4 The transport beam

5 The Universal Transport Station

6 The many different transport systems at the station

7 A massive portal made of pure gold

8 Zareena communicates with the light-beings

9 Infinite space in the purifying room

10 The Mirror

11 Light body

12 I ask and intend to understand the language of my body

13 Becoming aware of energetic blocks

14 I ask and intend to create a sacred space

15 I ask and intend to raise my vibration

16 A new discovery

17 Zareena’s message

18 Surrounded by light-beings

19 Releasing and dissolving blocks

20 A crystal clear pure body of light

21 The three light-beings

22 The gift of forgiveness

23 The gift of remembering who you really are

24 Golden glittering beams of light radiate from Crystee’s heart

25 The gift of feeling at home where ever you are

26 Journey back to Earth


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