Divine Nature – CD


This is the physical CD of ALbum MFS-1 – Connecting to Divine Nature

This music strengthens the physical embodiment of your Divine Essence and the expression of your Timeless Being in your human and earthly experience.



The flow of creative life force and the Infinite Love of Creator is translated in each of the pieces of music.  You can easily absorb the energy, consciousness and frequency of the music and experience this deep and powerful connection whenever and wherever you play this music.

Short Descriptions

1. 1200 Light  
Soft flowing and comforting music with galactic healing light holding a 1200 Hz.  light frequency supporting your clearing, healing and alignment and opening of your energy fields. You can through your intent bring this sound energy to any place in your body or energy field and let it implant its qualities in that area. (4:20)

2. Connecting to Nature 1
 This piece brings soft flowing and gentle planetary connective energy. It helps you to feel a part of the planetary manifestation with plants, animals and time space expression of the Divine. (8:05)

3. Connecting to Nature and Water
  This is a soft, quiet and slow piece of music creating a sphere and energy of tenderness, surrender and relaxing. It connects you to the consciousness in nature and the energy of water and grounds you in your physical manifestation. (4:48)

4. Divine Mother Calming and Expanding
  Calming and soft connective flowing energy that glues and binds. The stretched tones holds the qualities of Divine Mother energy. The music goes in and through you in a very loving way. (4:02)

5. Christ Presence
  As a very rich, majestic, deep and expanding piece of music, this sonic journey gradually develops and expands as it holds the energy of the Christ Consciousness, filled with its full presence and love. Every chord is a stream of pure love and Christ presence, which supports you as it manifests in your physical space. Through your intent, you can merge with this energy and let it flow through your whole being, uplifting you to your higher potential.

6. Universal Calibration  
This piece brings deep and powerful expansion, holding you in a sphere of universal consciousness and calibrating you. Your divine DNA is supported and your ability to hold it is awakened and strengthened. Through your intent you can let the music calibrate your whole system and imprint you with the codes of your divine DNA. (10:29)

7. Divine Mother Connection, Merging and Expanding  
Long expanded floating and grounding harmonies hold a quiet and gentle space with a quality of cleaning and refreshing. During the music, the quality of grounding deepens giving you a feeling of expansion and allowing your spiritual essence to manifest. (11:15)


  1. 1,200 Light (OML-P01) 4:13
  2. Connecting to Nature 1 (OML-P03) 8:03
  3. Connecting to Nature and Water (OML-P05) 4:48
  4. Divine Mother Calming and Expanding (OML-G02) 5:17
  5. Christ Presence (OML-U01) 6:34
  6. Universal Calibration (OML-U03) 10:27
  7. Divine Mother Connection Merging and Expanding (OML-U05) 11:15