Light body


This music supports the reprogramming of the entire physical body and cellular structure to gradually
transmute into your light body. This allows the transcendence of your material reality and facilitates
your ascension process.



Short track descriptions

  1. This first track supports you in relaxing, deep breathing, creating a protective energy space, and energy for setting your intent.
  2. In this part of the music, light form Source is flowing through you. You are filled with a deep Universal Energy that is calming and rich. Your body opens like a portal and raises its vibration.
  3. Your Light Body is the structure made of geometry and light that is your transportation vehicle for ascension. It is developed in the course of your awakening and consciousness expansion. When your human life is perfectly aligned with Source, your Light Body is completed. In this part of the music you are assisted with energy for releasing fears regarding transitioning into your Light Body.
  4. This part of the music is supporting you in setting your intent to manifest fully your creative potential. Imagine silver and white light embracing you, this is energy that supports you in remaining in control of your own creation.
  5. Feel how you are merging with your Spirit Self and are raising your physical cell vibration to 1000 Hrz. Intend for deep golden light to be integrated into your body. Feel your alignment with Source and the presence of your Divine Essence. In such an alignment your human body and human experience can fully resonate with your Divine Nature.
  6. In this part of the music you are guided to connect to the consciousness of the sun. Intend for strings of sunlight entering your energy field so you will be calibrated to the planetary system. Feel how your cells in your body are receiving bright sunlight making them spin perfectly, as if they are the sun.
  7. In this part you are surrounded with energy that helps you reconfigure your cells with the earth as it original was created. Intend to be become perfectly matched to the divine aligned frequency based on alignment with Source.
  8. A bright shining light is flowing through your heart. Intend it to support you to begin to manifest a new physical body. Imagine how in your body and energy the memory of perfect alignment is stored. Ask this energy to supporting you to fit perfect into your light body.
  9. Imagine being at Source experiencing your true Essence as Creator originally created you.
  10. In this part, you can feel being at Source and to be merged with the energy and consciousness of Source. The music is helping you to experience your spirit shape as it was originally created at Source.
  11. This energy is supporting you in experiencing and witnessing the spirit shape that is your Essence at Source. You can fully absorb this energy and integrate it in your human experience so that it will gracefully awaken and manifest in your human life in due time.
  12. This last part is a deep Universal calibration. You are traveling in your light body with your spirit shape from Source towards the earth. You are going through the galaxy, stopping at the sun, integrating the sun energy, and anchoring all received Divine Consciousness of your Essence in your physical shape.


  1.  Creating a Sacred Space 2:56
  2.  Calming Light from Source 3:24
  3.  Supporting Transitioning into Your Light Body  2:33
  4.  Light supporting your Creative Potential  5:56
  5.  Light Raising your Vibration  4:01
  6.  Deep Calibration 6:02
  7.  Reconfiguring with the Earth 8:00
  8.  Connecting Your Physical and Light Body 3:00
  9.  Connecting to your Essence  2:23
  10. Being Aware of Your Spirit  2:27
  11. Being at Source  2:46
  12. Traveling in your Light Body   6:40