M05 – Embracing Who You Really Are


This music mediation brings you the energy of your true being. It holds the frequencies of your divine blueprint and essence. It brings you in the consciousness of the Divine Father of this Universe and holds you in the presence of the Universal Creator.



Using this music you can release the fear of knowing who you really are, fully awakening and remembering your true Divine Essence and the type of being that you really are. The energy in this music mediation will strengthen you to manifest your fully awakened divine being in human form.

The tracks translate these energies in various ways.

1. This first track is supporting you in deep relaxation through breathing.

2. Creating a sacred space invoking the presence of Spirit Family and Creator, intending to release the deep fears regarding who you really are.

3. Purple light from Source wrapping around you and humanity, every human being is connected to this energy.

4. Reprogramming energy (a matrix like structure) made from beams of light. Every human that ever lived on the earth is connected into this matrix.

5. Intending to awaken to your divine blue print. Your Divine Essence and blue print is made from the Divine Creator. Awakening to your Divine Essence is being pure Love.

6. The energy of the Universal Father appearing through the Divine Father of this Universe is present through this music. This energy is fully embracing and filling you in bright Light and Pure Love.

7. Universal Father and the Divine Father consciousness bringing new information distributed through the entire network into humanity. Allow yourself to dissolve in the waves of Love and Universal Consciousness.

8. In this part of the music you are supported in releasing human programming connected to war, fear, fighting, competitive power.

9. More releasing of energy connected with fight, fear, competition will take place in this part of the music. New energy that is reprogramming of your Divine Essence is now reaching you.

10. We continue with deep reprogramming and releasing of the fear of who you really are and receiving the Divine Light and Love from Creator.

11. This last part you are brought into the presence of the Divine Creator. A beam of light connecting your Heart with His heart. In this presence you can speak your pledge to let go of all your fears. You are receiving the Power to Be Creator, and anchoring this experience in your body and the earth.



1.Relaxing and Deep Breathing 2:44

2.Creating a sacred space and setting the Intent 2:52

3.Purple Light Embracing Humanity 4:00

4.Beams of Divine Light Reprogramming Humanity 2:04

5.Awakening to Pure Love 3:42

6.Universal Love from Divine Father 5:00

7.Universal Consciousness Bringing New Information 8:46

8.Releasing Old Fear Based programming      4:22

9.Receiving Divine Reprogramming Light         2:51

10.Receiving Divine Light and Love from Creator 7:07