M11 – Creating Your Reality


This music translates the energy and consciousness that calibrates your brain to the new higher frequencies that enable you to create with more precision and speed.



Creating Your Reality (MFS-M-11) 

This music supports you with new energies that calibrates your brain to high frequencies and enable you to create with more precision and speed. You can use the energy in this music to set your intend and expand your consciousness:

  1. This music supports a deep relaxing and mind quiet through breathing.
  2. Intend to feel and experience the energy of a pure and protective sacred space. Ask the music to help you in focusing your intent to connect to Source and receive the energy to connect to the new Earth grid and create a new earthly reality.
  3. Ask in this part of the energy and music to be surrounded by pure energy. Imagine sitting in this energy sphere and the energy flows in through your spine and out through the feet looping as a vortex. Intend your energy field to be calibrated in a beautiful and graceful way.
  4. Intend your life force to be calibrated in perfect alignment. Ask to be connected in a coherent way to the planet. You are supported in your intent to calibrate your life force to the new geometry.
  5. Ask your consciousness aspect to be activated through a sphere of light. Intend to be connected to energy that is perfectly coherent and calibrated through aligned geometry and lines.
  6. Set your intend that this rich piece of music connects you to sustaining universal energies. You are supported in the intent to retrieve exactly what is needed to hold this physical body perfectly with optimal brain and consciousness capacity.
  7. Imagine how you are supported with Galactic encodings in light and sound energies. Intend the energy to expand to a new range of layers of the dimensional field retrieving galactic encodings in light and sound. So through this energy you can retrieve faster information from the galaxy.
  8. Ask in this track to be connected to Source in a complete new way. Intend the energy to expand.
  9. Intend in this last part for a deep and profound reconnecting to Universal Information in perfect alignment. Ask to receive the energy that fits a new layer of the Earth grid that is managing the proper incoming information of beings aligned with source so you can create in a complete new and aligned way your human life and experience.

Every time you play this music the energy and consciousness in it will support you in a completely new way. It co-creates with your Spirit Self in the most aligned way as it opens your body and system up to your divine blue print and state of being totally connected with Who You Really Are.

1. Deep relaxing through deep breathing and quieting your mind 4:06
2. Creating a sacred space and setting the intent 2:14
3. Being surrounded by pure energy 4:24
4. Calibration your life force 10:08
5. Calibration through aligned geometry 7:37
6. Connecting to the multi dimensional universal energies 8:42
7. Retrieving Galactic energies 5:34
8. Connecting to Source 6:28
9. Reconnecting to Universal Information  10:23

How You Benefit from Music from Source

You will gain great benefit from this music and absorb the energy and consciousness of it if you do the following as you listen to it:
• Relax and take some deep breaths (in through your nose and out through your mouth).
• Close your eyes while you listen
• Be open to receive the energy of the music
• Intend to experience the multidimensional consciousness of the music
• Feel and visualize as the energy penetrates your body and energy fields