M12 – Dealing with your 3-D reality


This music translates the energy and consciousness of releasing the fears, anxiety and blocks related to dealing with your 3D reality (home, relationships, finances) as well as global events (earth shifts, global crisis etc).



This music contains the energy to let go of the old paradigm way of creating and dealing with 3D reality and reprogram a new creative process that will allow you to navigate more easily through the major transitions occurring on the earth at this time and bring about the new paradigm on earth.

1. Relaxing, quieting your mind, creating a Sacred Space and setting the Intent 5:34
2. Receiving Source energy 3:11
3. Calibrating your energy to create your aligned new 3D reality 4:20
4. You are calibrated by universal geometric structures 10:03
5. Light filling your body bringing new creative ability 5:40
6. Erasing old programming and connect to Source 3:32
7. Receiving energy and formulas for a new 3D reality 6:15
8. Merging with Source, Universal Calibration and connecting to Creator 6:04
9. Connecting to the Galaxy and Earth, embodying Creator energy 4:36
10. Bringing the energy of Creator and the new reality into your human life 4:48