M13 – Clearing the Mind and Focus


M13 – Cleaning Thoughts, Clearing the Mind, Mind Channels and Enhancing Focus. This music supports you in getting clear, focused mind channels and creating with clarity.



This Music Mediation helps you delete thought forms you are no longer using and erasing unused thought energy and clusters from alternate life paths. 

This music translates various energies and supports you in different ways.
1-This first part of the music is deep relaxing and breathing. The energy supports you in setting your intent.

2- This music supports you in merging and expanding into your Spirit Self. This is your higher self that is the bridge or portal to your Divine Essence and your Universal consciousness.

3-The energy in this track is helping you to surface old unused thoughts and thought clusters. These energies are unproductive and occupy space and block the flow of your creative energy. So deleting this is very important. This music is supporting the erasing of these old energies.

4-Bright Royal Blue light is flowing through your physical body. Every cell is absorbing this energy. It is a new form of creative mind energy that will direct your thoughts more accurately, efficiently and with more clarity. Focus on what you want to create and connect that to Source energy and allow it to manifest.

5-Intend to master your human mind, to be in charge of your own creative ability, to be focused and aligned with Source and Creator. A new form of energy comes through and is being implanted into the Earth, the Earth is receiving an upgraded version of mind energy and of creative power.

6-This last piece is supporting you to integrate the new mind and creative energy. It is helping to stay aligned with the new Earth grid and manifest you creative potential in your human life.
Every time you play this music the energy and consciousness in it will support you in a completely new way. It co-creates with your Spirit Self in the most aligned way as it opens your body and system up to your divine blue print and state of being totally connected with Who You Really Are.


1-Relaxing and setting your intent 2:37
2-Merging with your Spirit Self 1:47
3-Surfacing and deleting old thought clusters 5:34
4-Bright light flowing your body supporting your creative potential 7:06
5-Intend to master your Human Mind and receiving an upgrade of Creative Mind energy 4:20
6-Integrating and intending to be aligned with the new earth grid, manifesting your
creative potential 3:23