M14 – Information and Answers


M14 РReceiving information and answers from visiting the Melchizedek University. This music translates the energy and consciousness of the Melchizedeck University. The Melchizdecks are Universal Divine Beings of pure light and majestic stature, holding the knowledge of all in the universe.



The music translates the energy and presence of the Melchizedeck University, a location in our Universe where the Melchizdecks are located and their Universal teaching is centered. You will be brought in close contact to this universal information and learning center. Before entering it you will be cleansed by a light shower of pure divine energy and calibrated to your full consciousness. You than will be brought in the presence of the majestic Melchizedeck teachers that allows you to find and register any information that you are looking for. Just ask and intend to receive the information you are looking for and surrender to the divine wisdom being poured into your consciousness. In due time it will be perceived and registered by your human and cognitive mind. This music is a deep support for intellectual rejuvenation and opening up for another way of learning and knowing that is aligned with universal ways of information transfer and learning.

1. Relaxing, creating a sacred space and setting the intent. Connecting to Melchizedeck University and receiving Information by connecting to Melchizedeck University.

2. Sitting in a ball of light, you merge with your Spirit Self. The music takes you on a journey through the Universe to a place that is called the Melchizedeck University. It looks like a planet that as a whole, is like a huge University.

3. This track is an energetic cleansing at the Melchizedeck University. You are passing through the “Cleansing Room” where of shower of pure light particles flows through you from your head to your feet and cleanses you completely.

4. In the next phase there is a deep calibration to receive the appropriate information and guidance fitting to your consciousness, being and awakening.

5. This music brings you into a presentation hall within the structure of the Melchizedeck University. You can, in an organic way, receive information through telepathic contact with this large consciousness of the Melchizedeck that is present. This information integrates as energy into your system and will unfold gently and when you are ready to consciously receive it.

6. Next, you are visiting a kind of “study hall” that supplies you with a particular kind of information you are looking for. Ask and intend to receive the information you are looking for at this moment and allow this information to be integrated in an organic way.

7. This music helps you to slowly come back into your physical body and supports you in integrating the received information and energies.


1. Relaxing, creating a Sacred Space and Setting the Intent 3:32
2. Reaching the Melchizedeck University 4:32
3. Energetic Cleansing 2:48
4. Melchizedeck University Calibration 2:44
5. Receiving information and Integrating 10:12
6. Receiving Information You are Looking For 4:28
7. Integrating the Received Information 1:16