M15 – Universal Consciousness


M15 – Merging with Universal Consciousness. This deep music translates massive Universal Consciousness and energies from universal beings into sound.



Through this music you come in close proximity with these beings. In an organic way you can
absorb these energies, instantaneously raise your vibration and expand your consciousness. You are
calibrated with these energies. The music brings a deep relaxing and cleansing. Merge with the
Melchizedeck consciousness – that which holds the consciousness of the ascension process. This
music brings also the Christ energy into your physical expression. Through merging with this local
Universe, the First Life Architect and Creator, you are supported to hold and bring all these energies to
the planet and anchor the received energies and consciousness in you human expression.

The energies in this music gradually unfold through the tracks.

1. This first track supports you in relaxing and deep breathing. It helps you in establishing a clean and protective energy space around. (Imagine a ball of light approximately 9 feet in diameter). It also supports you in having focus and setting a clear intent to be pure Divine light–coherent with your Divine Blue Print and therefore able to ascend at the appropriate time.

2. In this second part, the deep and graceful majestic energy of a divine being called the Melchizedeck is being connected. This Divine being’s consciousness is pure LOVE and is holding pure Creator energy and the knowledge of the ascension process. Merging with this energy supports you to integrate this knowledge into your system and body. You will start to remember at the right time and when you are ready, to ascend and shed this body after you have fulfilled your complete human cycle.

3. Energetic Cleansing is the third part of this music. This cleansing is supported through the physical Zero Point at the Navel, in waves of light old energies and programming is released, as you are made ready to open up to a deep and profound connection.

4. Your divine connection to Creator translated in your human life is the Christ consciousness. In this part of the music you connect on a very deep level to Christ consciousness and presence. This energy and Love is translated into your human expression. You are wrapped in this beautiful and graceful energy to become a pure divine Christ consciousness. The music is expanding this connection and presence to the Zero Point of the planet Earth and to the Zero Point of the galaxy– building a beautiful web of Christ consciousness connectedness.

5. This expanded and deep part of the music brings the energy that shapes beams of Christ light connecting you to places in the Galaxy and the Earth. Theses beams are like beautiful chords of light of the Divine presence of Creator through Christ Consciousness.

6. The Central Universe is the core of the large system of hundreds of thousands of universes– of which our local universe is one at the outer perimeter. In this music, massive light beams from the Central Universe bring the consciousness of the Creator Consciousness–connecting to our Universe. They bring pure new supportive energy and connection of a brilliant new phase in creation for the whole of the universe, the galaxy and our earth and humanity.
7. A Life Architect is a large Divine consciousness. A being that translates the Creative intent of Creator into Beings and live forms. He, therefore, is the architect of the life forms based on the cosmic mind of Creator and Source. In this part of the music you are merging with the consciousness of the local Universe and the First Life Architect. All of this energy and connection is brought to the planet and into your human expression.

8. This part is an extension of the previous in which the received energy from the First Life Architect is being integrated into the planet earth. This integration is by resonance and calibration. Each vibration of the energy reaches the planet and through resonance, integrated and absorbed.

9. This last part is a gentle but profound anchoring of the received Energies and Consciousness in your human expression and the planet. In this energy, you start to remember your original formula that is made from this energy and consciousness and will in due time gracefully and lovingly awaken to it in a clear and conscious way. This integration is also in waves and flows of energy and vibration. This flow is absorbed into your cells and DNA and they open more and more up to this and fill themselves with this pure love and memory of you universal potential.

 1. Relaxing, creating a sacred space and setting the intent 4:46
2. Merging with the consciousness of pure LOVE 3:20
3. Energetic Cleansing 3:04
4. Christ Presence in your human expression 10:32
5. Beams of Christ Light connecting you to places in the Galaxy and the Earth 3:16
6. Massive light beam from Central Universe holding Divine Plan Creator Consciousness 5:30
7. Merging with the local Universe and the First Life Architect 3:40
8. Bringing the Universal energy from the First Life Architect to the Earth 2:20
9. Anchoring the received Energies and Consciousness in your human expression and the planet 4:10