M17 – Your Universal Essence


This music holds a deep variety of energies and processes calibrating you on a deep and universal
level. It opens with deep relaxation and creating a sacred space, and setting the intent to embody your
Divine Essence.



Through this music you merge with the Source of this Local Universe. Massive rays of Light from the Center of the Universe that reach throughout the whole Universe – now reach earth. Purple, silver and yellow beams of Light connect you through the Universe. Your universal being on Source is merged with your Human expression. Connecting to all your Aspects through the Universe – connecting with Universal Love from Source. Holding and Bringing the 7 Principles in your Human Expression and implanting them into the earth. 

The energies in this music gradually unfold through the tracks.

1. This part of the music is helping you to relax and breath deep to be fully in the moment. It brings the energy that creates a pure and clean energy space around you. It also focuses your energy so you can set your intent for what you want to receive with more clarity.

2. The energy and consciousness translated in this part of the music is supporting you to connect to the Source in the center of this local Universe. By intending to be fully connected to Source you start vibrating in a coherent way with the energy and consciousness at Source and therefore become one with it in energy. Your essence and being is from Source, so merging with Source is coming Home to be Who You Really Are.

3. In this part of the music the energy translates in massive rays of Light from the Center of the Universe. These rays are traveling throughout the whole Universe and finally reach earth. Imagine the earth is fully connected with Source through these massive rays of light and is being bathed in the energy and consciousness of Source.

4. This piece of music supports you in connecting in a new way to Source. Purple, silver and yellow beams of Light connect you through the Universe all the way to Source. Your universal being on Source, through this connection, is completely merged with your Human expression. Your Human expression is a representation of your Divine Essence on Source. A pure aligned consciousness, creating and expressing Source through this physical Human life.

5. Your Divine Essence expresses itself in many ways to expand its consciousness and be part of the ongoing expansion of all of creation. Your human life is one expression of so many which are called parallel aspects. In this music you connect to all your parallel aspects wherever they are, in the entire Universe. It is a pure connection of your complete expression in all dimensions. This connection to all your Aspects through the Universe is filled with Universal Love from Source

6. This part of the music is reaching a very deep feeling and connection to the Universal Principles on which all of creation is based. It fills you with Love, Truth, Beauty, and Goodness that is helping you in resolving all left over old human conditioning of the past. It is sending Oneness into all your aspects where ever they are.

7. In this last piece your connection to your Divine Essence and the LOVE of Creator at Source is brought to your current Human life and expression so it can be fully absorbed by you and integrated. Your Human life gradually and gracefully become more filled with the energy and consciousness of your true essence and start expressing this in ever expanding and creative ways spreading the Love of your divinity throughout the world and humanity.

1. Relaxing, creating a sacred space and setting the intent 5:16
2. Merging with Source and the Local Universe 8:05
3. Light from the Center of the Universe reaching Earth 3:04
4. Your Universal being on Source is merged with your Human expression 10:15
5. Connecting with Universal Love from Source 4:17
6. Holding and bringing Love, Truth, Beauty, Goodness 7:53
7. Bringing the consciousness from you at Source to your human expression here on Earth 3:13