M18 – Improving Cognitive Abilities


M18 – Brain 1 – Improving Cognitive Abilities, Memory and Focus.  Through the energy in this music your brain will be cleansed, rejuvenated and calibrated by galactic and universal light frequencies and multi-dimensional geometries so it starts matching your divine DNA.



This music translates Universal Consciousness and energy that brings deep and profound cleansing, purification and healing of the brain. It translates galactic and universal light energies and geometry. It brings divine energy and consciousness in a graceful and organic way into your brain and energy field.Deep misaligned beliefs such as “I don’t know how to Connect to Source” will be undone. New Universal aligned beliefs such as “I am deeply connected to Creator” and “I am creating my new reality and expressing my Divine Essence” will be gracefully brought in. By this process, gradually your human experience and expression will be calibrated perfectly to your Divine essence, all under perfect guidance of your Spirit Self.

The energy in the music unfolds through the various parts.

1. This first piece supports you in relaxing, creating a clean and protective sacred space and in setting your Intent to improve your brain and cognitive abilities.

2. In this part of the music you are embraced by graceful and loving light and energy coming from Source. This energy is flowing gently through your body and gracefully raising your frequency. Beams of light from Source, bring Source energy through your body.

3. This musical piece translates the energy that can be experienced as Yellow and Silver light flowing through your heart and body. This energy is helping you in releasing fears of “not knowing how to connect to Source” from the heart. You are receiving reprogramming energies that help you awaken to the feeling of “I am the Creator of my reality”.

4. This track continues in releasing fears of not connecting, and brings energies that hold new aligned programming to connect and creating your new reality.

5. Additional releasing and reprogramming is brought to you so your system can open up to it perfect alignment with your Divine Essence. You are supported in releasing negative beliefs that your cognitive abilities are not good enough for your higher divine work.

6. Sphere of bright loving, cleansing and healing light is brought around your head releasing stuck energy, opening up and bringing another layer of reprogramming energy that supports your highest good.

7. Geometric shape energy is an expression of Universal Consciousness. In this music you are calibrated by Universal geometric frequencies. A diamond shape geometric structure is around your brain calibrating reprogramming energy.

8. Your entire head is bathing in light. This energy is reprogramming beliefs to “remember who you really are” and “reawaken to your Connection to Source”. It is awakening in you your original formula of you Divine Essence and your true being as created at Source.

9. The concluding part of this music brings to you a massive beam of light from Source holding Creator energy. This energy is pouring into your brain and anchoring in your body. Your brain is renewed by this Pure Creator energy and Love.

1. Relaxing and setting the intent to improve brain and cognitive abilities 3:40
2. Light from Source bringing the flow of Source Energy through your body 5:07
3. Light releasing fears and bringing the energy of “I am the Creator of my reality” 6:10
4. Releasing fears of not connecting 4:02
5. Releasing and reprogramming of negative beliefs 3:38
6. Bright light around the head bringing new energy 3:29
7. Geometric structure around the brain with calibrating reprogramming energy 4:55
8. Entire head in light reprogramming old beliefs 9:07
9. Massive beam of light from Source holding Creator Energy 12:30