M19 – Aligning Brain Channels


M19 – The Brain 2 – Aligning your Brain Channels with Source. This music translates Universal Consciousness that supports you in raising your energy and consciousness to its highest potential and start using your full brain potential.



The music in this album is specially made to support you in raising the vibration of your brain and mind and to open the mind channels to be able to sustain higher frequencies. Your three mind channels are energetic channels, which connect you to the grid of the earth, the galaxy and the universe. These grids are multi dimensional consciousness structures of high complexity, which hold all the information and formulas for its manifestation. The consciousness and energy in this music will help you in reprogramming the brain to open its channels properly to these grids and their higher vibrations and become able to tap into the frequency of Source with more ease. It supports you with in a graceful manner so that you will retrieve higher guidance, receive healing and remember who you really are.

The energies in this music gradually unfold through the tracks.

1. It is important to relax and breathe deep in to the nose and out through the mouth. This first track is supporting relaxing, deep breathing and quieting your mind. It is also holding the energy for you to set your intent for your brain alignment.

2. This piece of music bring you the flow of Energy of Source. A deep royal blue and silver light is coming from the Universal Source to our Earth and flows gently through your body.

3. The energy in this part is like “silver white light” flowing through you. In gentle waves, it flows through your heart and calibrates your nervous system.

4. In this very soft whispering part of the music, you are supported to quiet your mind. Mind Quieting is essential for connecting to you Divine essence and aligning to your Universal Consciousness. By achieving full alignment of Zero Point in your physical brain, the quieting and alignment of the brain is accomplished.

5. In this part of the music you are supported by geometric energy. A double “crystal like pyramid” structure is around you, supporting you in clearing and programming to fuller alignment. Then silence– to achieve mind quieting with “no Thoughts” – allowing you to open up to a beam of light.

6. Tiny sparkling particles of gold and silver light are around your head. This is the frequency of the new earth grid. It is flowing through your brain, in your pituitary gland, then your entire endocrine system and body where it is gracefully absorbed.

7. In this part, you are supported by energies that help you release misaligned beliefs from your systems and replace them with energies that hold higher frequencies.

8. Your brain has three brain channels, one connects to the earth grid, one to the center of the galaxy and one to Source, the center of our local universe. Your three brain channels are like beams of light coming out of your brain. They are activated by the energy in this music and plugged in the new earth grid, the galaxy and the Source at the center of our universe. When your brain channels are properly aligned, you can retrieve information for the entire universe.

9. This music is bringing and anchoring the new energy down through your brain and the body. It registers the received energies and information and holds you in a gentle embracement, lovingly connected to Source and your true Universal essence. Your brain is brought to the next level of alignment and expansion and will gracefully integrate this energy.

1. Relaxing, deep breathing, mind quieting, and setting the intent 5:39
2. Mind Energy of Source flows gently through your body 6:52
3. Silver White light flowing into the heart and calibrating your nervous system 4:26
4. Mind Quieting – Stopping Thoughts 2:26
5. Crystal like geometry structure around you – No Thoughts 5:19
6. New frequencies absorbed in your brain 7:09
7. Releasing misaligned beliefs and replaced by higher frequencies 12:36
8. Your three brain channels are activated 7:49
9. Bringing and anchoring the new energy 2:55