M23 Endocrine Electro-Magnetic Detox


M23 – Supporting the Endocrine Electro-Magnetic Detox. This powerful healing music addresses the release of electro-magnetic toxicity. The energy of this music flows through your whole body especially your intestinal track and supports the release of stuck and misaligned energies.



This powerful healing music addresses the release of electro-magnetic toxicity. There are many sources of electro-magnetic radiation that could influence our energy fields. Cell phones, power lines, electronic devises etc… all emanate radiation and information that influences the rotation of the cells. The rotation of cells is influenced by all kinds of electro-magnetic influences and makes cells and organs start to rotate out of sync from their original pattern. This music holds Universal Consciousness and energy that supports the releasing of the toxicity of electro-magnetic from your physical body and energy field. Cells learn by new programming to return to their original settings.
By using the energy in this music you can intend that all distortions in the cells and organs are undone and every time you hear this music a deep reprogramming takes place. The energy of this music flows through your whole body especially your intestinal track and supports the release of stuck and misaligned energies. It also reprograms the beliefs that you are vulnerable for these electromagnetic interferences and make you more aligned with your divine blue print that holds the proper information for your physical body and cells.

The energies in this music gradually unfold through the tracks.

1. The first piece is made to support you in relaxing and quieting your mind. It is purposeful to quiet your thoughts and mind so your Spiritual Self can connect better to your human expression. Also this music supports you in experiencing a pure and protective energy space around you. And the music is providing an energy that is helping you to set your intent for the support in clearing the physical system and endocrine glands and your alignment with Source.

2. In this track you are embraced by Source light which is gracefully and slowly flowing through your body. It is flowing from your head to your feet and to the core of the earth. This light is a high frequency energy and consciousness that raises the vibration of your body and energy field. From the core of the earth, a new stream of Source energy flows up through your feet to your head and back to Source connecting you to your Divine Creator and your essence.

3. This part of the music translates energy and consciousness that supports you in releasing energies that are harmful for you. Especially electro-magnetic that is influencing you all day long. The music transfers bright softening light that flows into your cells to relax these and to open them up for higher energy.

4. In this piece of music you are surrounded and gracefully supported by energy that is strengthening your intestinal track to process all the misaligned energy. Also this energy is helping you in reversing blocks in the sub conscious mind that you created at some point and kept you holding on to misaligned energies. Imagine a room that was never cleaned for 30 or more years. This is how, energetically, your energy system could look when you never cleanse and release misaligned energies. This music provides you with energy that –through purity and calibration – removes misaligned energies.

5. This track translates energies that are working on the releasing of misaligned feelings, beliefs and energy about being bombarded with electro-magnetic while being on the earth. Feeling vulnerable as a human being and surrounded by such energetic pollution is causing many misaligned attractions, so these will gracefully be released and replaced by beliefs that keep you pure, strong and aligned.

6. This part of the music brings beautiful silverish blue and white light Universal Source frequencies – vibrating in perfect alignment while calibrating your cells. Because these light energies have a high and pure frequency that is in the innate structure of your cells and organs, they start to remember their original blue print and will shed off old low frequencies and start adjusting to their optimal, healthy vibration.

7. This piece is supporting you in releasing toxic materials from your body. It is helping and sustaining your physical body to regain its optimal functioning in cleaning and releasing toxicity.

8. Negative beliefs about your physical being and harmful electro-magnetic energies surrounding you actually attracts these energies. By reversing these beliefs on all levels, as well as energetically, is very important. This music is supporting you in a graceful way.

9. We are interconnected to the galaxy and universe. Also, our energy fields resonate when fully awakened with the galaxy and the universe. So a proper realignment is very essential. This piece brings you the energy of bright light from the center of the galaxy. This energy is connected to the new earth grid, and going into you energy field. This sets a new default for you to only recognize the new earth grid’s electro-magnetic and not to hold on to old disconnected programming.

10. Being part of humanity makes it inevitable that there is a deep exchange between your individual energy, healing and the collective. This is being addressed in this part of the music. Misaligned beliefs on a global scale are released from your system and also through you from the collective.

11. This last part of the music is a loving integration. A ball of peaceful light is around you, balancing you completely. This light it is gradually expanding to the size of the earth and is wrapped around the earth and humanity bringing pure and nourishing Source energy on earth and all of humanity.


1. Relaxing, quieting, creating a sacred space, and setting the intent 4:17

2. Source Light flowing through your body and connecting you 3:58

3. Bright softening light flows in your cells 3:46

4. Supporting the intestinal track to process misaligned energies 5:24

5. Receiving new energy 3:52

6. Source frequencies calibrating your cells 2:00

7. Releasing toxic materials from your body 1:30

8. Supporting you to create new beliefs on your physical being 8:35

9. Bright light connecting you to the new Earth grid 6:00

10. Transforming misaligned beliefs on a global scale 6:40

11. Peaceful light bringing pure and nourishing Source energy  5:34