M24 – Endocrine – Immune – Organs


Supporting the Cleansing of the Organs, Endocrine System and the Immune System. This music hold a very high cleansing energy that releases many deep and old blocks from your organs, endocrine and immune system.



This music holds the consciousness of your Divine essence and supports you in integrating and manifesting your timeless essence in your human physical body, energy field and experience. During this music you receive the energy that brings deep cleansing of all your organs, your complete endocrine system and immune system. It cleanses, reprograms and implants a very high and divine vibration of deep joy into your cells and organs.  It addresses many beliefs and experiences that are formed during many parallel lives and past lives into stuck energy that can cause diseases and misalignment from your Divine essence.

The energies in this music gradually unfold through the tracks.

1. The first part of this album supports you in relaxing and deep breathing. The energy creates a pure and clear space around and supports you in setting your intent.

2. In this piece Light from Source is flowing slowly through your body raising the vibration of your cells and organs and wrapping around your system. It anchors you into the earth and flows back through your body connecting you back to Source.

3. In this part the Light you received from Source is gently and lovingly integrating into your body. This brings you the information that already is dormant in your cells. The music supports your system to remember and awaken to the natural alignment with Source.

4. Green and deep purple light is filling your body around the diaphragm and above your stomach. This light and energy is comforting your liver and other organs in that area as your organs are absorbing this purple and green light.

5. A blanket of deep purple and green color providing you with comfort and Love, is wrapped around your ribcage and lung area–releasing negative energy. You can feel the deep warm loving energy in your ribcage. Negative energies are released from your ribcage.

6. In this part of the music you are supported in releasing discomfort and replacing that with joy for your human experience and expression. The experience of being human and having a physical body can be very confusing if you keep in mind that your essence is pure consciousness without a physical body. The energy in the music helps you in letting go of discomfort, confusion and despair of having this human form from your skeleton. This released energies and beliefs are replaced with an energy of deep joy for having the human experiences and being a human in a physical body.

7. This releasing process continues and the confusion and misaligned energies about being human from the upper body and throat are addressed. They are gently being taking out layer after layer each time you listen to this music and gracefully be replaced by the energy of joy.

8. In this track of the music, a soft soothing, warm pink light flows into your esophagus and stomach implanting the frequency of Self Love. This form of Love is connected to your essence which is from Source. If you can Love yourself on a very deep level you are able to love all that is. This light is flowing through your throat and soft soothing, warm pink light is coming down your esophagus to your stomach. It is implanting the frequency of Self Love and joy about being a human in a physical form.

9. This part of the music is supporting you with energy that is balancing your body. A deep blue color is balancing your male aspect at the right, silver white color is balancing your female aspect at left side.

10. This track is bringing you Universal geometric energy that is healing you. Pyramid structures are coming out of the navel, becoming a bright white pillar of light. Past and parallel lives that are still creating physical blocks in this life are addressed and the energies of these are gently released. The geometries become a bright white beam of light with silver tones.

11. This process is followed by releasing another layer of blocks from your body. These are being absorbed in bright light.

12. The final piece of this album is supporting you in releasing left over misaligned energies. It is implanting a new energy of joy to be human in every cell of your physical body.


1. Breathing, relaxing and setting the intent 3:44

2. Light from Source flowing slowly through your body  4:40

3. Source Light gently and lovingly integrating in your body 2:27

4. Light filling your body around diaphragm and above your stomach 7:17

5. A blanket of Light, Comfort and Love 4:37

6. Opening energy and receiving Joy 2:18

7. Cleansing and supporting energies 4:42

8. Soft, warm soothing light implanting the frequency of Self-Love 4:50

9. Universal Light balancing your male and female aspects 2:28

10. Geometric structures forming a bright white pillar of light supporting you 5:33

11. Bright Light releasing old energies and supporting your expansion 9:14

12. The frequency of Joy to be human implanted in every cell of your physical body 11:03