M28 – Supporting your Eyes and Ears


The purpose of this music is to support you in receiving and deciphering cosmic information and higher guidance through tones and subtle energy perception with more clarity and accuracy.



This music translates the consciousness that first clear blocks from the eyes and ears. It will do so by bringing subtle energies that support the releasing of misaligned and stuck energies and beliefs on seeing and hearing. This will be on a physical level in the eyes and ears and the nerve system connected to the eyes and ears. It will also be done energetically. The consciousness in this music also supports the reprogramming of your DNA to higher universal frequencies.

This music translates different energies in various phases.

1. This music supports a deep relaxation by breathing and feeling present. It brings the energy of the intent to support your eyes and ears and align your energy to your Divine Essence.

2. This piece of music brings bright healing Source light around your spine, anchoring you into the earth. This energy is also going up through your brain and out the skull to Source.

3. Healing light can be in many forms and structures. One of these forms is geometry. Imagine now a diamond shaped structure of light. This geometric light supports you in releasing fears regarding your full potential. It is followed by a beam of bright light, and holds you in a graceful and loving way during this piece of music.

4. As a human, you are always surrounded by Divine beings supporting and guiding you. This part of the music translates the consciousness of receiving guidance and matching of a loving Universal being called a Melchizedeck. The Melchizedeck represents the knowledge and information of the entire Universe in a bright Universal Loving Presence.

5. In this piece of music, light is brought in forming pathways which come up through your feet and then fill your entire body. This light brings healing energy and new information for your body up through your legs and this information is implanted inside your brain.

6. During this track, your brain is filled with a type of beautiful blue light, a color that does not exist on the earth yet. This new color is a frequency that supports the healing in your cells. It awakens the innate healthy programming in your DNA and supports the release of low frequencies and blocks. It calibrates your body in a very beautiful way.

7. This music brings energy in the form of little cubes of green light. This energy is the physical and geometric energy that forms and builds in the Universe. Through resonance, your own physical energy in your body will adjust to this pure healthy quality. It especially provides healing for the optical system in your brain.

8. In this piece of music, you are supported through energy that forms in the center of your brain, resembling a diamond structure and pathways. This structure holds a loving, healing geometry that calibrates the innate structure of your cells and supports their healing. This energy is balancing your ears and nerve system perfectly.

9. This music holds the intent for you to hear again the true sound of the Universe, the Sound of being created by Source and to be from Source. It helps you to be merged with this Universal Sound and Life Force and to experience the new reality in an unfiltered and uncensored manner.

10. In this last piece, the embracement continues with deep integrating loving and healing Universal Energy. It flows through your whole system and body and anchors you in a very graceful way in your human expression.
Every time you play this music the energy and consciousness in it will support you in a completely new way. It co-creates with your Spirit Self in the most aligned way as it opens your body and system up to your divine blue print and state of being totally connected with Who You Really Are.


1. Relaxing and setting the intent 4:33

2. Light from Source around your spine your brain and skull 1:29

3. Diamond shapes light around you 9:17

4. Receiving Universal guidance by a bright Loving Presence 5:52

5. Healing pathways of light 2:07

6. Your brain is filled with blue healing light 4:57

7. Little green cubes of healing light energy 4:41

8. A diamond light structure balancing your ears and nerve system perfectly 10:54

9. Intending to hear the true sound of the Universe, generated from the Source 4:58

10. Integrating loving and healing Universal Energy 3:57


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