M42 Self-healing and Self-Sustainebility


This music is specially composed to activate and strengthen your self-healing and self-sustainable abilities. Your body is a complex living consciousness and is an expression of your Higher Self and your Divine DNA. By nature your body is oriented to a healthy balance. When your human consciousness is completely in balance your body will be too. However there are many changes for disturbing influences to enter your system via food, environment, experiences, thoughts, people and the collective consciousness. All these kind of influences weaken your healthy balance and ability to self-repair.


The energy in the music is universal and aligned with Source Consciousness translated into sound to support your consciousness and body to regain it natural healthy balance. Intend this music to help you in releasing old patterns and blocks and to receive a high frequency that awakens your self-healing ability. This music embraces you with Source Consciousness through organic resonance by which your innate universal and Divine DNA starts to become active again and awakens in your human body.

Tracks and duration

  1. Relaxing and Creating a Sacred Space    5:27
  2. Source Light Flowing Through Your Cells     4:36
  3. Reconfiguring and Readjusting Energies       4:51
  4. Light flowing through your head into your body     3:40
  5. Remembering Divine configuration         4:14
  6. Source Connection       4:42
  7. Universal Calibration and Expansion     4:33
  8. Healing Love         5:33
  9. Universal Light for Deep Self-Healing    3:12
  10. Quiet Integration     1:50
  11. Healing Light Flowing    3:53
  12. Pure White Light      3:18
  13. Universal Light Flowing Through You     8:40
  1. Relaxing and Creating a Sacred Space This first track creates a sphere for relaxing and purification of your energetic space around you. This is a sphere, like a ball of light, of approximately 3 to 4 meter around you. Ask and intend to create this pure space so that only Source Energy and the consciousness of your Higher Self can be inside it.
  2. Source Light Flowing Through Your Cells Intend that the sphere of light around you is filled with pure Source Light, these are the frequencies of the Divine Creator. See how each cell of your body absorbs this Divine Light. Ask that your physical cells restore themselves through this Divine Light. They start to remember their natural ability for balance and repair.
  3. Reconfiguring and Readjusting Energies Intend that each cell in your body gradually raise its frequency through the absorption of Divine Light. The vibration of your cells increases through absorbing and integrating more and more light. Ask that the zero point of each cell perfectly aligns and balances itself and calibrates its frequency with Source and your Higher Self.
  4. Light Flowing Through Your Head Into Your Body Imagine a new light above you, a healing, restoring and empowering light that awakens your Divine DNA and your ability for self-healing. Intend this light to be as a tube of light that enters through your head and goes gently through your whole body till it flows into the core of the earth.
  5. Remembering Divine Configuration Intend that this light awakens your Divine DNA and bring into your cells a very deep and powerful vibration. See yourself standing the middle of this light and set your intend that this light activates the remembrance of your Divine DNA in your cells. Ask and intend that your cells can restore themselves and intend all old patterns to leave so your self-sustainable ability can develop.
  6. Source Connection Ask your cells to let go of all old programming, impurities and blocks and become divine again as they where originally created from Source. Set your intend that they regain new potential to create. Ask your cells to open and to absorb more and more the light from Source
  7. Universal Calibration and Expansion Imagine that your body expands and becomes gradually larger and larger, it expands beyond the earth and the galaxy till it reaches the center of the universe. Ask it to expand completely till you become the Universe. Say and feel: I am the Universe, I am created to the image of the Universe therefore I am pure and divine.
  8. Healing Love Intend for Healing Love from Source to flow into the earth embracing all of humanity with the ability to Self-Healing. Intend to feel yourself one with this healing light and one with the earth and humanity.
  9. Universal Light for Deep Self-Healing  Ask for deep warm light of self-healing to flow in you. Intend this light to flow gently through you and ask it to strengthen and awaken your ability to self-healing.
  10. Quiet Integration Feel how loving and graceful energies integrate into your body.
  11. Healing Light Flowing Set your intend that you are fully connected to Healing Light and Source Energy so that you can share this with others. This is energy and light that supports self-healing. Give this light to someone that needs it. Intend this healing light to embraces and fill this person lovingly.
  12. Pure White Light Imagine a bright light coming out of your heart center and distributing itself. You can ask the pure white light to go anywhere you want, to a person, to an animal or to a location that needs healing.
  13. Universal Light Flowing Through You Bring your attention to a part of your body that needs support. Ask light to flow through this part and ask all pain to disappear. Intend this light to reorganize this area as it was created to be. Ask your body to become perfectly balanced so it can integrate the ability for self-healing and self-sustainability completely.