MFS 4 OMnipresence


This Album with Music from Source is a collection of pieces that translate various energies and consciousness, planetary, Galactic, Universal and Multi Universal so you can easily absorb these. It supports you in experiencing the OMnipresence of Creator in all that is.




Short descriptions

1 Ocean Cleansing Comforting and Connecting 5:49 The relaxing and fresh sound of the water and this music cleanses your physical space and body. It connects you to nature and supports the embodiment of your Divine Blueprint.

2 Relaxing – Cleansing – Grounding Through the Love Flow of Spirit Family 6:04 Like on the waves you are carried by the consciousness and energy of this music. It is the connection of the Spirit Beings around you, which are called your Spirit family. These are the beings that have the same divine essence, function and formula as you. These beings are here to support you during your human life, while you have a material form and are having experiences as an incarnated, human being. This music is relaxing, cleanses at a deep cellular level, and gives you inner guidance to follow your path as a human full of trust and connection.

3 Integrating the Divine DNA in Waves of Light 5:48 The consciousness and multidimensional information of the Divine Formulas on which our human life is built, vibrates through the rich sounds and deep tones of this music. This information holds the frequencies of the Divine DNA, which is present in everything. Coming in contact with this music helps you to awaken and resonate with your Divine DNA. Through this your human DNA is calibrated by your original Divine DNA, which will help it to awaken and manifest. The divine DNA contains infinite potential and creativity. It is based on the universal principles of Love, Truth, Beauty and Goodness.

4 Quiet, Pure Physical Space and Mind Cleansing 6:17 This open spacious and gentle piece of music provides a clean and pure physical space. It supports the cleansing of your brain and complete nerve system. It brings the presence of beings of pure and gentle light that support the alignment of your physical energies and body to your divine DNA.  The subtle love of Creator for his planetary manifestation, and your embodiment of the divine, sounds like a quiet,  soft and crystalline song in this music.

5 In the Presence of the Universal Creator Centre 10:42 Our local Universe is a part of a massive system called a Multiverse or Major Universe that contains around 200.000 universes.. In the center of this Multiverse is a large and bright Central Universe which holds the creative formulas and principles on which the whole Multiverse is created. This music brings you in contact with the consciousness of the Central Universe and calibrates you in the creative formulas and potential. It awakens in you your divine DNA and blue print and holds you in perfect geometric alignment.

6 Universal Calibration and Aligning 8:20 This music holds you in a pure universal energy and geometry. The ascending and descending tones aligns your Physical DNA with your Divine DNA and activates your entire energy field to be aligned with universal consciousness and geometry. Just allow this universal flow to calibrate your physical body and energy field and intend to raise your frequency to its highest potential and alignment with Source.

7 Cleansing the Environment and Atmosphere 9:25 This music brings the presence of large beings of light with an energy and consciousness of pristine cleansing. This energy purifies the physical environment, the plants and trees around you, and brings calm and love into your immediate surroundings. You can use this music to energetically cleanse spaces, your garden, and your surroundings. Embrace the love and serenity of these pure beings and their loving presence.

8 The Eternal Flow from Source 10:47 This music is very expansive and connects and calibrates you powerful to Source. It brings the energy of the Flow from Source which is unconditional love that sustains all there is. Imagine to be connected to this massive eternal flow and become coherent to its universal formulas, which is your innate essence.


  1. Ocean Cleansing Comforting and Connecting 5:49
  2. Relaxing – Cleansing – Grounding Through the Love Flow of Spirit Family  6:04
  3. Integrating the Divine DNA in Waves of Light 5:48
  4. Quiet, Pure Physical Space and Mind Cleansing  6:17
  5. In the Presence of the Universal Creator Centre  10:42
  6. Universal Calibration and Aligning    8:20
  7. Cleansing the Environment and Atmosphere  9:25
  8. The Eternal Flow from Source   10:47