MFS 5 – Energetic Healing


MFS 5 – Support for Energetic Cleansing, Healing and Connection. This music supports energetic clearing, calming, profound aligning and raising your vibration. It translates universal consciousness and multi-dimensional formulas into sound so that you can really absorb and integrate it.


This music translates universal consciousness and multi-dimensional formulas into sound so that you can really absorb and integrate it as you experience wellbeing, connectedness, inner peace, and start feeling who YOU really are.

1.Relaxing the physical body and supporting a deep feeling of presence. This music provides a deep, gentle energy of comfort and peace as it surrounds and holds you. Your body relaxes and your breathing deepens as it brings pure life force into your physical body.  The tension in your muscles and body can be released so that a graceful opening and comforting can occur.  You are held in the presence of unconditional Love and peace and can completely relax and adjust to a deep sense of peace and feeling present.

2.Pure and protective space around you. This music provides an energy that is pure and clean. It surrounds you in a pure protective energy fields and boundary. This energy is purely aligned with your Higher Self and continuously cleanses misaligned energy from your surroundings and inside this space. It then transmutes this into beneficial energies while holding a loving reprogramming energy.

3.The cleansing presence of Archangels. This music brings the presence of Archangels. These magnificent Divine Light Beings hold a very pure cleaning energy and consciousness that remove misaligned energies that don’t belong to you, from your energy fields and body. The Universal Light of these Divine Beings moves through your body and energy fields and support cleansing and eradicating of attached energies that conflict with your higher purpose. Imagine a shower of “pure light” continuously transmuting everything that is lowering your frequency.

4.Deleting old thoughts, cleansing the brain and nerve system. This flowing pure, clean bright music provides the energy and space for deleting old unused thoughts, clogged thought clusters, and misaligned mental energies and beliefs from your brain and physical body. The energy massages these misaligned frequencies from your brain, nerves, cells, organs and energy fields through light frequencies. In a shower of bright and gentle light, your energy fields are cleansed. You can support this process by intending that all old and negative mental and nerve energies will be deleted from your body.

5.Restoring the alignment of your body and energy fields. This rich music holds multi dimensional energies to shift and reprogram stuck energies and misaligned frequencies from your cells, organs, body and energy fields. It addresses conscious, subconscious and cellular energies that hinder your well being and prevent you from your natural alignment with your Divine Blue print and Divine Essence. These clogged energies are loosened, shifted, expelled, changed and transformed. Healing and reprogramming energy flows in, repairing and realigning these areas to the highest alignment possible, all under perfect guidance from your Higher Self.

6.Supporting your mind to become quiet. This music provides an atmosphere that holds pure quieting energy. It helps you in bringing stillness in your energy fields, body and your thoughts. This purity can help you to let go of mind chatter and confusing mental energy and thoughts. When your mind becomes quiet, it will be like a pure mirror–able to reflect the pure light of your Eternal Essence and your  Connection to Source.

7.Zero Point alignment. The deep tones in this music brings deep zero point purification and alignment. The zero points that are in the “core” of your physical cells are addressed by the consciousness in this music. They can be purified from disturbing energies and frequencies. In this process, the zero points can regain their optimal rotation and frequency.

8.Birthing who you really are. This deep and warm music holds you in the presence of Source and your true Divine Essence. It brings the energy of your true being, which is timeless. You are birthing who you really are. Being embraced by your own Divine Essence supports you in uplifting your human life and experience. This connection to your Universal Self aligns you with your creative path and supports you in manifesting your unique expression as a human being.

9.Embraced by peace and love. The relaxing energy in this music is like waves of pure loving and graceful light embracing you as it flows through your body. Like gentle and graceful waves, it supports a deep sense of relaxation as it takes away the feeling of tension, stress, pain, suffering. The energy envelops itself around organs and places in your body that are suffering and feel unhappy and disconnected. It loosens misaligned feelings and tensions by it warm and soft flowing qualities. It brings in a tranquil energy of being at peace, being who you are, and being connected to Source.


1-Relaxing the physical body and supporting a deep feeling of presence 11:23

2-Pure and protective space around you 7:14

3-The cleansing presence of Archangels 6:36

4-Deleting old thoughts, cleansing the brain and nerve system 6:23

5-Restoring the alignment of your body and energy field 5:54

6-Supporting your mind to become quiet 8:10

7-Zero Point alignment 6:03

8-Birthing who you really are 5:32

9-Embraced by peace and love 7:07