Releasing Attachments and Misaligned Programming


The sounds on this album translate profound energies and supportive Source Frequencies to release influences, information and attachments from your body and human experience that are blocking your alignment with Higher Consciousness and Source. It helps you in raising your frequency, shedding old programs and DNA manipulations, and opens your awareness and human consciousness to your Higher Universal Nature. It holds you in a powerful, cleansing and also very loving presence of Source, the Archangels, your Divine Guidance and Lineage, the Divine Mother, and pure bright light of infinite renewal and Love from Creator.

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  1. Deep Breathing 5:36
  2. Creating a Sacred Space 4:50
  3. Pituitary gland and glandular system cleansing 5:20
  4. Divine Mother Energy in the heart 4:40
  5. Integrating the original Human potentiality 7:33
  6. Aligning three zero points 5:38
  7. Archangel protection 5:30
  8. Protective angelic Source Light into your space and location 6:37
  9. White Light protecting your environment 4:27
  10. White Light around the Earth   9:06
  11. Merging with Infinity 9:36

1 Deep Breathing, relaxing, stress release and quieting 5:36  This soft energy is like breathing, and this track supports you with deep and  expanded quieting, relaxing, stress release, and being in the moment while expanding into your Higher Consciousness. Ask your mind to quiet down and your thoughts to leave, so your brain becomes silent and aligns with Source. Bring your attention to your heart and keep breathing along with the sounds, quietly, slowly and being in the moment.

2 Creating a Sacred Space 4:50  The pure powerful waves in this music purify and strengthen the alignment of your energy field – your sacred space – around you, with Source and your Higher Consciousness. Intend that these strong gusts of pure energy release misaligned energies, blocks and distortions from your space, so that only the original formula of your Spirit Self and Source is purely present. Ask and intend to create and maintain this pure and strong sacred space, in which only Source energy and the energy of your Higher Consciousness is present.

3 Center of your Brain and glandular system cleansing 5:20 This  bright and pure energy is supporting you in releasing low frequency and misaligned energies from your brain and glandular system.  Like a brilliant light it flows softly through your brain and glandular system, dissolving and pushing dark energies out of your system. Ask and intend to release all old and misaligned programming and attachments from your glandular system. Ask and intend for pure Christ presence to be with and in you, supporting you with deep releases through the bright white light inside of your brain and your glandular system.

4 Divine Mother Energy in the heart 4:40 This energy is gently waving, moving and pulsating, supporting you to release and purge out all destructive energies from your body that have to do with the disruption of your soul identity. Feel how your heart is embraced and filled with Divine Mother Love and presence, filling you with pure Spirit energy from Source.  Ask and intend to erase and purge all energies and programs of manipulation from your body. Ask and intend to be held in this pure Divine Mother presence, so your original divine blue print can awaken and manifest in a completely new way.

5 Integrating the original Human potentiality 7:33 The morphing sounds bring a deep energy to you. This supports the awakening of your divine formula of the human body as it was originally intended and created at Source. Ask this energy of the divine blue print and Source consciousness to support you in restoring your original formula, and releasing all distortions and manipulations that cause illness and malfunctioning. Imagine this pure energy coming directly from Source and activating your human body from the navel area, spreading through your whole body gradually, igniting every cell and particle with pure original physical energy form Source.

6 Aligning three zero points 5:38 The very deep tones in this music hold an energy that powerfully aligns your zero points. It supports your connection with your Higher Consciousness and with Source. Intend that this energy activates the three light center zero-points, one in the middle of your head, one behind your heart and one behind your navel. Ask and intend for this energy to awaken, align and anchor these three zero point centers very solidly into your body. Intend for it to help you to match all your physical systems and organs, resetting every cell to its original formula and function.

7 Archangel protection 5:30 This music brings you into a very loving, warm and protective angelic and Archangel energy. This energy is like a bright soft light wrapping around you and embracing you. Ask this angelic presence to help you, releasing all old energies that are misaligned from your body and physical space. Ask and intend that this archangelic energy fills your whole body and space with pure love and Source presence.

8 Protective angelic Source Light into your space and location 6:37 Bright light fills your physical environment with the pure angelic light. It makes old energies dissolve into the bright pure light. Imagine that your entire physical space, including all the material objects in it, is covered with bright angelic light, like a blanket of Source light. Ask and intend for all misaligned and negative energies and attachments,  be purged and then dissolved into this pure Source light.

9 White Light protecting your environment 4:27 This music brings the energy that extends the angelic presence, supporting and embracing you even further. Imagine it to be like waves of beautiful loving energy from Source, flowing through your environment and even further out into the area where you live. It is a Source energy that lovingly cleanses, releases and brightens everything with Source energy. Ask and intend that this loving angelic presence form Source, cleanses, purifies and releases absolutely everything that is misaligned. Allow it to hold you and your environment in pure love from Source.





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