Your Inner Melchizedek Master Teacher


Your Inner Melchizedek Master Teacher – 10-part online meditative journey

This is a unique meditative journey for developing and strengthening your inner guidance. You will experience how you are always supported by loving cosmic light beings. The Master Teachers called Melchizedeks are cosmic teachers from Source who support consciousness development from within. In 10 different episodes you will have unique inner experiences.

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A unique meditation journey
This is very special. It is about inner guidance and consciousness expansion. But the way we do this is really unique. Namely you open yourself to a cosmic world of inner guidance. The Melchizedeks are with us now in support of the Divine Plan on Earth. Now is the time for the great shift in your consciousness. This is also why you are on Earth now. The Melchizedeks and their love-wisdom are ready to help you. By opening to them and allowing these teachers of Source to help you, your connection to your Essence and Source will begin to flow more deeply with Love, Beauty, Truth and Goodness.

What do you experience and learn?
Your own inner experience is central and so you learn from that. The energy of Music from Source keeps you in a loving meditative atmosphere, protected and connected to your highest good. This allows you to experience and develop your inner guidance on a very deep level.
You will receive tools for:

  • Connection with your inner Master Teachers Melchizedek and your Universal Self
  • Traveling through dimensions to the Melchizedek University,
  • You will experience Melchizedek purification.
  • You enter into Melchizedek calibration and your Divine DNA integration
  • You experience the Cosmic Archives with the Melchizedek Archivist
  • You experience the lessons you received before you incarnated on Earth and experience your incarnational goals and plan.
  • You travel to the Sea of Glass
  • You travel to the Source and experience your Divine Father and Mother.
  • You begin the day with your Master Teacher and practice activating your Universal Self throughout the day.
  • Finally, you experience how to go to sleep peacefully and protected with the support of your Teacher and let the day slip away from you.

This 10 part course is online available during 8 weeks from your start.


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